Germany’s Commitment to Electric Auto Charging Stations

electric vehicle

CBJ — Germany is clearly making the commitment to supporting electrified automobiles on word from the government that the country will have one million charging stations over the next decade, which is a massive increase over the current level of just over 20,000 stations.

Chancellor Angela Merkel says the infrastructure will provide consumers with more confidence to purchase the vehicles. As of now, people remain skeptical about many issues related to electric vehicles including the distance that can be travelled on one charge, and by extension lack of charging stations.

People have largely been unwilling to make the financial commitment to something when nobody seems to know just how fast the technology is going to move into the mainstream.  It’s hoped this commitment by the German government will prod consumers to buy into the market.

Merkel has also addressed how government and industry incentives for electric cars will unfold while at the same time protecting current auto industry jobs amid the transition to the more environmentally friendly vehicles.


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