Get Excited About Nothing: Jayman BUILT Introduces its Four Tiers on path to Net Zero Certified Homes of the Future

CALGARY, Alberta and EDMONTON, Alberta, Jan. 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — As an industry leader in sustainability, Jayman BUILT (Jayman), one of Alberta’s largest homebuilders, is taking its net zero offerings to the next level with the announcement of two new energy efficient housing options for homeowners. With two previously announced energy efficient housing options, Jayman now offers four steps on the Path to Net Zero Certification; Jayman’s Core Performance (standard on homes without exception), Solar Energized Hybrid Performance, Net Zero Ready Peak Performance, and the Net Zero Certified home, known as The Quantum Performance Ultra E-Home, which was introduced in 2021. These options offer Alberta home buyers the ultimate in choice, and alternatives in affordability for their investment in net zero living.

“We are proud to continue leading the way in energy-efficient home building in Alberta,” says Jay Westman, Chairman and CEO. “By offering four options on the path to Net Zero certified homes, we are taking positive steps towards a sustainable future. The renewable energy transition is growing at a steady pace in Alberta, and at Jayman, we have already exceeded the 2050 net zero building code targets that the federal government has outlined for Canada.”

For over 40 years, Jayman has set the standard for new home construction in Alberta and was the first homebuilder to include solar panels standard on its homes since 2019. Every new Jayman home constructed includes Jayman’s industry leading Core Performance package, which is a set of standard inclusions designed to reduce energy costs annually. Since 2019, Jayman has installed over 3.38 megawatts (MW) of solar power on 1,656 homes and saved over 2,119 metric tonnes of carbon emissions, making it the largest residential solar installation in Canada.

The four energy efficient options available to homebuyers are as outlined:

The Core Performance package comes standard on all Jayman homes. These energy-efficient inclusions were introduced in 2016 and have been leading the industry in energy savings and reducing the environmental footprint. With six solar panels included, a 96 per cent two-stage high efficiency furnace, heat recovery ventilator, triple pane windows, foundation membrane and tankless hot water heater, a Jayman BUILT home is 20 per cent more energy efficient than minimum building code mandates and saves 3.34 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) per year. This option has no additional cost to homeowners. All Jayman homeowners can expect to save approximately $700 annually on their energy costs simply by buying a Jayman home.

The Solar Energized Hybrid Performance option includes the Daikan air source electric heat pump mechanical system, triple pane windows with argon fill and 14 solar panels. This option is 50 per cent more energy efficient than building code mandates and saves 4.04 tonnes of GHG emissions. This option is an additional $23,000 for homeowners and they can expect to save $1,150 annually on their energy costs.

The Net Zero Ready Peak Performance option includes Jayman’s proprietary wall system, including the net zero certified building envelope with up to R-37 wall values, and the same inclusions as the Core Performance package. Structurally, this home is ready for simple modifications to the mechanical system and additional solar panels to achieve net zero certification in the future.

This option is 40 per cent more energy efficient than Alberta building code mandates, saving 4.2 tonnes of greenhouse gas per year with an additional cost to your purchase price of $28,600. Homeowners can expect to save $838 on their annual energy costs.

The new Net Zero Certified package is the Quantum Performance Ultra E-Home package, which has received Net Zero certification from an independent rating and testing system developed by the Canadian Home Builders Association in conjunction with Natural Resources Canada. This option includes up to 30 solar panels, air source electric heat pump mechanical system and the proprietary wall system and build envelope. Your home would be 100 per cent more energy efficient than Alberta’s building code, saving 10.67 tonnes of GHG emissions and $2,136 per year on your energy costs. This would add approximately $60,500 to the cost of your new home. This home achieves proposed building codes for 2050, today.

Jayman is dedicated to building energy efficient homes that reduce our environmental footprint and GHG emissions while continuing to push the envelope by offering customers four different options to increase the energy efficiency of their homes.

For more information about Jayman’s net zero homes, visit the website here.

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