Gibson Energy Announces $1 Million Donation to Trellis Towards Youth Mental Health Support

CALGARY, Alberta, Oct. 01, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Gibson Energy Inc. and Trellis (formerly the Boys & Girls Clubs of Calgary and Aspen Family & Community Network Society) announced today a $1 million donation – the largest contribution in Gibson’s history – to provide mental health support to youth through a five-year partnership.
“Understanding that the majority of mental health issues start at a young age, we are hopeful that Gibson’s support of early intervention and prevention of mental health challenges will improve the lives of the next generation,” said Steve Spaulding, President and Chief Executive Officer of Gibson. “We greatly value the mental well-being of youth in the communities where we operate and are proud to partner with Trellis over the next five years to provide best-in-class mental health support.”
Beyond the $1 million donation, Gibson employees have committed their time to Trellis and will be dedicating significant volunteer hours and skills throughout the five-year partnership. Gibson will also be funding a new space at one of Trellis’ locations, to be named Gibson Garden. The garden will be a safe, reflective outdoor space for youth and staff to decompress, connect with each other and build positive relationships in calm surroundings. Gibson volunteers will also play a role in building and maintaining the garden, as well as donating books to fill a “Little Free Library”.
“At a time of crisis and great uncertainty, Gibson is showing incredible corporate citizenship and leadership by investing for the long-term in the mental health and well-being of children and youth,” said Jeff Dyer, Chief Executive Officer of Trellis. “Whether we are working with a child in preschool who is learning to manage their emotions, a family offering safe foster care or a young trauma survivor who is striving to end their experience with homelessness, the expertise to support good mental health is central to our work. Thanks to Gibson, families can continue to count on Trellis to take the best possible care of their children’s mental health.”
About GibsonGibson Energy Inc. (“Gibson” or the “Company”), (TSX: GEI) is a Canadian-based oil infrastructure company with its principal businesses consisting of the storage, optimization, processing, and gathering of crude oil and refined products. Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, the Company’s operations are focused around its core terminal assets located at Hardisty and Edmonton, Alberta, and also include the Moose Jaw Facility and an infrastructure position in the U.S.Gibson shares trade under the symbol GEI and are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. For more information, visit TrellisTrellis is a Calgary-based social services agency that grew from the amalgamation of Boys & Girls Clubs of Calgary and Aspen Family & Community Network Society on June 15, 2020. Growing from a combined history of 117 years, Trellis is building on the work of both legacy organizations to offer a comprehensive continuum of 33 programs for over 9,000 people each year designed to support children, youth, families and communities. The programs and services offered open a path upward for people from all sorts of backgrounds, including those caught at the intersection of society’s most complex needs. Trellis works to end youth and family homelessness and create spaces for belonging and exploration in our community. Trellis provides education and employment connections and ensure a safe home environment for youth and children whether that be through foster care, group care or in their own home. Trellis supports deeper connections by meeting people where they are, across all cultures, languages and diversity spectrums. Trellis is committed to empowering individuals and communities with the support they need to grow beyond life’s challenges and reach their dreams.
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