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The Global Family of Companies
The Global family of companies is a success story of a man who dared to dream big. Sam Bouji began selling Group Scholarship Plans in 1989. Equipped with years of personal experience and sharp business acumen, he saw this as a niche market and embraced it as his personal calling. In 1996, he launched the Global Educational Trust Foundation, and in 1998 the Global Plan was created to offer Canadians a new product in the Registered Education Savings Plans (RESP) industry.
The driving motivation behind Sam’s passion was to help Canadians realize their full potential and to help them achieve that goal with a higher education. Now, the company is celebrating 15 years of success in the financial services industry. As of November 30th, 2013, over 116,000 children have been enrolled in the Global Plan and there have been over 29,000 requests for post-secondary funding.
“Helping these exceptional young people is our pride. Some of them went on studying internationally to some 37 countries around the world, studying graduate or post-graduate degrees. We are very proud that we are partnering with the students at this important moment, and helping their communities to have more educated people.
Education is your heritage. After all, educated people will build a better world for all of us,” Bouji explains enthusiastically.
The Global family of companies does not focus solely on the bottom line. An avid supporter of community outreach, Bouji emphasizes the importance of giving back to those who have helped him realize his dream. To date, Global has also donated more than $2 million to charitable organizations around the GTA, including Skills for Change of Metro Toronto, Credit Valley Hospital Foundation, Dreams Fulfilled Relief Organization, and the Canadian Association for Medical Relief. Bouji is also a recognized contributor to Sick Kids Foundation and the Children’s Wish Foundation.
Once a year, Global RESP Corporation conducts a draw for a $20,000 Education Savings Plan Contest. This year, the winner was Nicholas Leslie Saygon Rambaran of Scarborough, Ont. Nicholas is just nine years old, but already has hopes of becoming a lawyer. With his $20,000 Education Savings Plan, he will be one step closer to realizing that dream.
Today, the Global family of companies has grown to include Global Maxfin Investments Inc. (GMII), offering mutual funds solutions; Global Maxfin Capital Inc. (GMCI), offering investment solutions; Global Insurance Solutions Inc. (GISI), offering life and disability insurance; Global Growth Assets Inc. (GGAI), offering long-term investment solutions; and Global RESP Corporation, offering Education Savings Plans. Global employs over 140 individuals in nine offices across Canada, and has over 1,100 independent brokers and advisors servicing a total of 330,000 clients.
An accomplished entrepreneur who never keeps business far from his mind, Bouji was recognized in 2010 as the Entrepreneur of the Year by Annual New Pioneers Awards. The New Pioneers Awards is an annual event organized by Skills for Change to recognize the accomplishments of outstanding immigrants.
In 2002, Bouji was awarded the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal. The medal commemorates Her Majesty the Queen’s 50th year as Queen of Canada and is awarded by the Governor General on behalf of the Government of Canada for individual’s significant contribution to the nation.
Bouji has always viewed, and always will view education as the one thing that can transform people’s lives. The paramount effect of education has the potential to spread across communities and create better lives for all Canadians.
“Personally, I believe that our children are our future,” says Bouji, and continues, “Children are the closest thing to my heart, and when I see a child succeed, I see our future.
This also translates to our team. We are a family oriented environment. That is our value. We value our customers and we worship the relationship. We don’t create ‘accounts’, we create ‘homes’ for people. Whether its five years or 50 years from now, the plan for the future for me is to continue building strong foundation, and to continue building on top of this foundation in order to provide, value, better service, better product, and continue increasing our happy and satisfied Global community.”