Global Financial

Since its inception in 1998, Global RESP Corporation has been shaping the financial future of countless Canadians. The proactive, forward thinking financial services firm has worked tirelessly to ensure that client’s receive the most from their investments and the results have been astounding. The Global family of companies a non-legal entity which began in simply as Global RESP, and has now grown to include several sister companies is now one of Canada’s premier financial services providers, and has successfully assisted over 350,000 Canadians secure their financial futures.

WITH OFFICES IN Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, and Halifax, the Global entities are strategically
situated to best serve customers across the country. The Global family also operates affiliate offices in many other regions throughout Canada.

The Global family of companies operates
as a group of sister companies, each specializing within a niche market : Global Maxfin
Investments Inc. (GMII), offering mutual fund
solutions; Global Maxfin Capital Inc. (GMCI),
offering investment solutions; Global Insurance
Solutions Inc. (GISI), offering life and disability
insurance; Global Growth Assets Inc. (GGAI),
offering long-term investment solutions, and
Global RESP Corporation (GRESP), offering
the Global Educational Trust Plan (GETP), a
Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP).

Sam Bouji, founder of the Global family of companies, believes his business can truly help
Canadian’s reach their full financial potential.

“We have many different types of clients,” Bouji tells the Canadian Business Journal, “These clients have a variety of different needs. Each area [of Global] caters to the individual needs of these different clients.”

Bouji’s proudest achievement lies in the success of Global RESP Corporation. Through providing
secure education savings plans to Canadian families, the GETP has successfully enrolled over 119,000 children beneficiaries into the Plan. As of August 2014, the Global Educational Trust Plan has over $1 Billion in pledged deposits and over $565
million in assets under administration.

Global RESP Corporation is currently the only
Scholarship Plan Dealer to consistently deliver a
positive rate of return.

“Our focus really is on secure investments,”
says Bouji, “Global [RESP Corporation] has never
had a negative year since its establishment. Even
when the market is down, such as in 2013, we
have always shown positive returns and provided
clients with a decent return.”

A key aspect of Global’s registered education
savings plan’s offering is its flexibility. Families
can decide when, how, and who receives their
financial investment. All clients can rest assured
their investments are handled by the most qualified and experienced fund managers.

The GETP also provides flexibility in how funds are later used. While many competing RESP providers dictate when funds can be
retrieved, Global’s clients can retrieve and utilize
funds at any point throughout the year.

In order to allow Canadian students to reach their full potential, GRESP operates on an international level. The firm approves has provided Educational Assistance Payments at post-secondary
institutions in over 37 countries worldwide,
allowing young people to truly learn in a place
and way that’s best suited for them. Sam Bouji explains, “The most important thing to us is that each child gets the education they need… The beneficiary can use the money within whatever term is suitable for them.”

To date, the GETP has provided over $204 million in education funding. Although the refund is always discretionary, the Global Educational Trust Foundation has refunded 100% of sales charges (enrollment fees) to eligible beneficiaries.

As expressed by Bouji, profit is not the bottom line at GRESP. Giving back to the community
has always been a core staple in the business’s
model. To date, Global RESP Corporation has
donated over $2 million to charitable organizations across Canada, including Skills for
Change of Metro Toronto, Credit Valley Hospital
Foundation, Dreams Fulfilled Relief Organization,
and the Canadian Association for Medical Relief.

The GETP also offers an annual Education
Savings Plan Contest with a potential value of
$20,000. The winner receives contributions from GRESP and is put towards their future education,
bringing them one step closer to achieving their
academic dreams.

Bouji’s dedication to changing the lives of
Canadian’s through financing further education
has been recognized extensively. In 2002, Bouji
received the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal, an
award presented by the Governor General on
behalf of the Government of Canada to individuals who have made a significant contribution to
the continued welfare of the nation.

In 2010, Bouji was recognized as
Entrepreneur of the Year by Skills for Change,
Ontario during their Annual New Pioneers
Awards, an achievement that recognizes the
outstanding successes of new Canadians. Bouji,
who immigrated to Canada from Egypt in 1989,
received the award for his accomplishments and
contributions to Canadian business and society.

As the Global family continues to grow,
Global RESP Corporation will remain an integral
part of the family. As put by Bouji, “Our children
are our future. They are the closest thing to
my heart. When I see a child succeed, I see our