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Global Financial: Canada’s leading independent financial services firm


“No time like the present”. The call to action resonates universally for its implication that steps can always be taken towards a better future.

It is especially succinct when the present is marred with recession, unsteady stock markets and the Canadian household debt soaring to $1.41 trillion in December, 2010. Its times like these that financial services leader Global Financial can help in shaping the financial future of individuals and families by offering financial education and financial solutions including education savings plans, life and disability insurance, mutual funds, stocks, bonds and other investments. Experienced management has turned the Global family of companies into one of the largest independent financial services firm in Canada with over 250,000 clients and over 100,000 children enrolled in the Global Educational Trust Plan.

Global Financial provides financial services for the forward-thinking family in all of life’s major planning events such as education, retirement, insurance and investments. CBJ spoke with Sam Bouji, Chairman and CEO, along with other Global Financial executives about Global Financial’s focus on the Canadian family and how its independent advisors and services has made the organization a top-tier financial services provider.

“We strive to be the company of choice for the Canadian family to provide financial solutions for their financial needs, from birth to death,” says Sam Bouji.

“With the level of flexibility we have we feel we are able to provide the Canadian family more than all [our competitors] combined.”

Global Financial provides a full array of products that cover any anticipated—or otherwise—costs that a family can take on.

“Global Financial’s niche is the family market, focusing on families with income from $40,000 to $250,000 per year” says Richard Pyper, EVP of Strategic Development, Mergers and Acquisitions for Global family of companies. “This focus starts with covering the needs that are important to Canadian families. One is making sure they save enough for their children’s education, save for their retirement and then making sure in the event of a death, disability or critical illness that their assets and income are protected.”

“Post-secondary education is an investment that will impact their children’s future for a lifetime,” says Bouji. “Global understands that parents don’t want to take unnecessary risks with their children’s future.”

Every year, Global offers an opportunity to win an RESP worth up to $20,000. The contest receives thousands of entries from parents across Canada and you can enter by visiting Attending the 2010 holiday event, Mr. Kahlil Ramal, Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, said, “Post-secondary education is critical for the future prosperity of Canada and its citizens. It’s great that financial firms like Global are helping families save for their children’s future education.”

Clients of Global Financial are beneficiaries of the freedom that advisors are given to deal with the multiple companies that work with Global Financial; there is no direct attachment with a particular company or product, so clients are given the best tailored financial solution.

Global Financial’s strong base of advisors continues to grow, with advisors who are attracted to the company for its breadth of products.

“Often one of the things clients want to do is work with an advisor that does not necessarily have an attachment or vested interest in a specific product,” says Bruce Day, President of Global Maxfin Investments Inc., part of the Global family of companies. “Often times companies will have a specific product that they will work with. One of the advantages of working with Global Financial is the advisors don’t have specific manufactured products.”

“Because we work in multiple platforms (insurance, mutual funds, stocks etc.), we may have advisors who add platforms to their portfolio,” Day continues.

Continuing its growth strategy, Global Financial recently purchased mutual fund dealer Professional Investment Services (Canada) Inc.

Richard Pyper, saw the acquisition as a “perfect fit” due to “Professional Investment Services ability to provide specialized financial services that complement the Global family of companies. The size and strength of the combined firm offer more value and opportunities for advisors who choose to maintain their independence.”

Global Financial continues to focus on growing both organically and through acquisitions across Canada.

“At Global we have over 1,500 licensed professionals. These professionals focus on financial planning solutions and many are multi licensed in; the Education Savings Plan program, the mutual fund dealership side, the IROC program and the insurance side” said Pyper.

As Warren Buffett said, “Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.”

“We are proactive for our customers—we are always anticipating what their needs will be to come up with a solution for what they need,” said Bouji. “We are planning all the time for the future, how to really make the customer satisfaction the number one priority for us.”