GN Transport

Movin's on up

GN Transport is a logistics company, offering several transportation services that deliver all over Canada and the United States. Founded in 1984, GN Transport began as a small transport company in Concord, Ontario, when Greg Nisan immigrated to Canada and bought a cube van. From there, he bought a basic truck, and then a tractor trailer.

As the years went on, Nisan acquired more trucks, driving one and dispatching the others. With deregulation firmly in place, GN Transport has expanded to serve customers more effectively and to generate business opportunities within Ontario, and across the border into the United States.

There was no magic formula to GN Transport’s success, just a strong work ethic, passion for the industry and time for the client base to grow. “I have a good name in this industry,” says Nisan.
“My reputation is solid because if I say I’m going to do something, I will, even if it costs me. I work hard at this job; I’m here seven days a week.”
It’s a time commitment that doesn’t leave much room for anything else. And while Nisan says he doesn’t see his wife very much (leaving “no time to argue”), his son started working as GN Transport’s office manager after graduating university, and his dog comes to work five days a week.

Moving all products, no problem

As a medium-sized logistics business, GN Transport distinguishes itself through the variety of services it provides. In terms of what it ships, the company moves a complete line of products, including (but not limited to) general and specialized freight, store fixtures, household goods, automotive parts, machinery, steel, hazmat products as well as items that require temperature control. Essentially, it ships everything.

GN Transport will also cater to those companies who only want to transport one to 18 skids without paying an expedited or fully loaded trailer rate, or those businesses with an urgent shipment. In all cases, constant communication with drivers and state-of-the-art tracking technology allows GN to ensure that customers’ freight is picked-up and delivered on time.

In addition to doing everything possible to physically move freight efficiently and smoothly, GN Transport also covers supply chain management services, partnering with companies to achieve the best logistics solutions available. The company’s integrated services include supply chain analysis; trucking and transportation management; public warehousing; and freight consolidation.

GN will examine networks to determine carrier capacity and align that capacity with shipment history to create an environment that benefits the client. Perhaps a client could use new carriers who are not part of the existing network, but who have complimentary services lanes. The results improve carriers utilization while reducing rates and improving service levels.

From Nisan’s perspective, transportation and management services are critical for organizations with already over-burdened staff. With GN Transport on board, clients do not have to divert resources from their critical business priorities to realize the value.

Family-like work culture reflects company’s high standards

Keeping atop of things is something that every logistics company has to excel at. GN Transport is no exception. At all times, the company has to be one step ahead of shipment dates, regulations, driver location and specific handling requirements. Maintaining client relationships, vehicles and employee satisfaction is something GN juggles very well.
For some higher profile customers, every transport company gets 10 stars at the beginning of the year. Every time something goes wrong, such as a break down, the company loses a star. Fortunately, GN Transport regularly and meticulously maintains and services its fleet to avoid these issues. “For the last five years, we have lost the least amount of stars,” says Nisan. “There are very stringent standards, but we are number one. We are growing each year. In fact, Victoria’s Secret approached us to start doing special deliveries of clothing items.”

On the employee side, GN Transport keeps them motivated by cultivating a family culture, celebrating regularly with the team. To Nisan, an informed team is an empowered team, which is why full-time trainers make sure drivers receive ongoing training and testing both on and off the road in company procedures, customer expectations and ministry requirements. GN Transport also aims to set its safety standards significantly higher than Canadian and U.S. regulatory requirements, so its valued drivers and cargo always arrive in one piece.

“Moving forward, we want to continue doing business in the same way we always have,” says Nisan. “I have a good team, good clients and I enjoy the work.”
With hard work and integrity, we can expect great things from GN Transport down the road.