Goldcliff Acquires Significant Position in the Aurora District, Walker Lane Nevada

Why Am I Here?

The Level3 Web Helper has been enabled to provide helpful searches from web address errors. You entered an unknown name that the Armstrong service used to present site suggestions which you may find useful. Clicking any of these suggestions provides you with Yahoo! search results, which may include relevant sponsored links.

Why should I use this?

The Level3 Web Helper makes finding what you are looking for easier and more convenient. The service uses the entered non-existing website name to determine useful search results. Often, you will see a desired website or page that meets your needs.

Do you track my Internet usage?

No. The Level3 Web Helper simply redirects queries to non-existing domain names to a useful search results page instead of a cryptic error message page or browser-defined page.

What is DNS?

DNS is an acronym for the Internet’s Domain Name System. The DNS is primarily used to map Internet computer addresses to domain names such as ‘’ For more information, please visit

How do I disable this service?

If this service is not right for you, please visit your Preferences to disable. At any point in time, you can enable the service by visiting your Preferences.

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