Good Gaming CEO David Dorwart Issues Monthly Update to Shareholders

KENNETT SQUARE, PA–(Marketwired – Nov 13, 2017) – Good Gaming, Inc. (OTC PINK: GMER) (the “Company”) CEO David Dorwart is pleased to give his latest monthly corporate update for October 2017 through the issuance of a letter to shareholders.

David Dorwart, CEO, stated as follows:

As promised, below is a quick update about the progress we at Good Gaming have made and continue to make towards revenue streams, profitability and scale.

Currently, we have identified 3 aspects of the gaming sector, which can be exploited and scaled, thereby offering various degrees of revenue streams to the Company:

Hosting and running a profitable world class Minecraft division

We will do this with our current server which will be offering exclusive games offered only on the Good Gaming’s website which offers organic growth, or through acquisitions which will provide scale to our revenue numbers.

Being a great Tournament provider

Our first step in this will be the execution of our LAN Center strategy. We have identified specific untapped markets within LAN Centers and competitive tournaments being held at regional levels. We want to be involved in various capacities within the LAN Community, either by being in a joint-venture with LAN Center experts who have already established a footprint in geographical regions we find appealing, or by running Good Gaming tournaments within already established LAN Centers. Either way, we believe the LAN Center business is an important piece of the Gaming environment. It brings important social human needs together with the virtual world of gaming.

Being a great Content Aggregator

In esports, knowledge is power. Games are highly complex involving significant player and team strategies. Understanding game mechanics is essentially limitless and analyzing trends in everything from map positioning, player roles and team theory can give an edge to a competitor. The need for sourcing game data has never been greater. In the past 2 years Good Gaming has seen a slew of startups focused on this emerging market. And since viewers, players and games all take place online, it only makes sense that the need for gathering and capturing digital content will remain in its future as the esports industry continues to show exponential growth.


We continue to enjoy successful increases month-over-month in revenue. We are pleased to report we have added a new developer to our team who will immediately begin to add support and growth to our server.

Last month, we finished the redesign of our website. We expect this will provide a better experience for the players. In addition, it will help to increase the profitability of the site. Also, during the last month, we experienced downtime with our hosting company on the server, so we chose to end our relationship with them. This required a bit of attention and focus during the middle part of the month. By the end of the month, however, we successfully moved over to a newer server and saved money to boot!

Our Minecraft Server division at a glance:

1. Revenue was up 56% from September and 75% from August continuing our goal to monetize the server.

2. Our average number of concurrent players decreased from 441 in September to 404 in October. Our peak in Sept was 591, in October it was 558. We believe this was due to being in the midst of the school season, having only one developer for the first half of the month, and our servers having severe issues. This created two voids of unexpected downtime. One from our previous server provider and a second in having to migrate over to our new server provider. We have assessed that school attendance definitely has a big effect on player counts as evidenced in our comparisons of school days vs non-school days during the week.

3. Total transactions have increased 185% from our September results.
Our dollars collected per transaction decreased this month, however, we established a strategy to increase the number of transactions by running specials for Halloween. That strategy worked, and we had our largest transaction and revenue day, to date, with application of this strategy.

In conclusion, our Minecraft division strategy is working well and moving forward. It is our intent to continue to exploit our talents by creating unique mod games that are exclusive to Good Gaming and our Minecraft server. Our intent is clear. Acquire more talent, launch more servers, continue to monetize our current server — and continue to grow this division.

LAN Center Business

We spent a good part of October traveling throughout the U.S. visiting LAN Centers (esports arenas, esports video game centers, etc.) to evaluate the model. We have determined LAN Centers are a “must have” feature in the esports world for Good Gaming. We like this space because it combines the human side of socializing with the virtual side of the competitiveness found in gaming. In the end, we have found that gamers have a deep need to interact in social settings with each other, and we intend to exploit these needs in regional geographical areas that we consider to be untapped markets.

Abraham Maslow, in his Hierarchy of Needs theory, shared the discovery that humans need to be social. Once their basic needs are taken care of, and they feel safe, humans want and need a social setting. They need to gather. Mr. Maslow then tells us of human self-esteem in a social setting. He describes it as individuals asking, “Where do I belong?”

We think well run LAN centers offering activities each week, potential prizes, notoriety and scouting opportunities for big league professional gamer teams, does a great job of addressing the human wants and needs of today’s gamers.

It is our intent to get involved in several LAN Centers over the next several months. However, picking the right partners in this venture will be the most critical step. We are aggressively looking for partners that understand our strategy and can provide synergy right away. All great stuff at this point. We do know this; the people we have met who are involved in LAN Centers are passionate about gaming for the same reasons we are.

Content Aggregator Strategy

Good Gaming is determined to become the “go-to” place where gamers can learn what is currently happening in eSports, the gaming community and strategic play through game metrics, pro-player performance, team performance and other meaningful stats.

By driving traffic to our site from players looking for competitive advantages, we plan to exploit additional opportunities that will derive multiple revenue streams to the company by fueling the esport ecosystem with content.

Developing this content is a complex strategy that we are still developing. We are confident that when we attach this third leg of our strategy, we will do a great job with it. Our marketing department is ready to go and the gaming market continues to push out news, content, information and gaming strategies on many different levels. Aggregating this news and information will add a “one-stop shop experience” to those that are good gamers and looking for content exclusive to our website.

This concludes our monthly update.

 Until next month, game away!

David B. Dorwart

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