Gore Mutual Insurance

Insuring Canadians for Almost Two Centuries

Established over 175 years ago, Gore Mutual Insurance has been insuring Canadians since 1839. Gore Mutual employs over 300 people across Canada, with a head office in Cambridge, Ontario and a western office in Vancouver, British Columbia. Through its network of independent brokers, Gore Mutual provides home, auto and business insurance to customers across Canada, specializing in property and casualty insurance for both personal and commercial lines.

A modern outlook meets old-fashioned values

While the well-established insurance company has an illustrious history that predates even the Canadian Confederation, the only thing old-fashioned about Gore Mutual is its values. Based on the core principle of providing mutual protection from the hardship of misfortune, today the company offers a full line of leading insurance products, backed by a secure financial foundation. As integrity guides their dealings with all stakeholders, Gore Mutual emphasizes providing genuine personal service to their customers.

The company is committed to maintaining these traditional but often overlooked core values, which are pervasive through the organization from the CEO down.

“We work with independent insurance brokers, and it’s really about being authentic and real in terms of how we work together,” explains Heidi Sevcik, CEO and President of Gore Mutual. “While we use technology to expedite what we do, it’s the people who are really working together to make sure that we do the right thing. It comes down to it still being a people business, and we recognize that.”

Conventional values aside, Gore Mutual embraces modern technology and takes pride in their efficiency.

They have undertaken several sustainability projects, including a paperless office objective, investing in electronic software. Currently, underwriting and claims departments, as well as some insurance brokerages, are completely paperless.

Gore Mutual’s success over the last 175 years has hinged on its ability to adapt to changing trends. CEO Sevcik and Vice President of Distribution Paul Jackson believe that nothing is truer now, with the significant changes in the insurance distribution landscape, products and regulations, the weather and of course, the pace of technology. Gore Mutual’s focus in the short term is to adapt quickly to this changing environment while laying the groundwork to respond to changing customer expectations in the future.

By doing the unexpected, Gore Mutual will create demand for its products through innovation and outstanding service through genuine partnerships, enabling the security of families and success of businesses.

The insurance company of choice for small businesses

Gore Mutual understands and appreciates the attention required to run a business and wants to see these businesses succeed.

“In the Canadian economy, there are lots and lots of entrepreneurs and small businesses that have really underpinned many of the communities across Canada that we operate in. Supporting them to survive and thrive really fits well with our heritage and our values,” says Jackson.

Small businesses are the backbone of the Canadian economy, and Gore Mutual is developing a strong reputation in the market for providing flexible and attractive insurance products that help them to flourish. Through their broker network, Gore’s products are available to a wide variety of businesses, including wholesalers, garages, contractors, manufacturers, and professional services, with a particular focus on entrepreneurs with 100 employees or fewer. In the event of a claim, Gore Mutual has a dedicated commercial claims team that bring expertise designed to get businesses back up and running quickly.

“It’s really been the type of business that we’ve written historically. We have expertise. We have developed technology over the years to be responsive to writing that type of business very efficiently.

That’s where we choose to continue growing,” adds Sevcik.

The company that gives back

One of Gore Mutual’s corporate beliefs is that all relationships should be mutually beneficial. This theory underlies not only Gore Mutual’s dealings with businesses, but also the responsibility that they take towards looking after the community. The Gore Mutual Insurance Company Foundation serves to strengthen Canadian communities by funding local initiatives in the areas that the company serves.

“Historically, going right back to our roots over 175 years ago, we started out supporting the communities where we do business, and we continue to do that today. We have the Gore Mutual Foundation, which donates directly to the charities in the communities where we do business to try to keep those communities strong and healthy,” says Sevcik.

Gore Mutual has a long history of giving back to communities across Canada. Since 1998, Gore Mutual has donated more than 12 million dollars to their Foundation, providing over 1,000 contributions to charities across Canada.

A dedicated, genuine and community-focused corporate culture

Gore Mutual’s strong ethics have contributed to the company’s long-term success. In 2014, they were named one of Waterloo Region’s Top 15 Employers for the sixth year in a row. Furthermore, IBAO (Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario) members ranked Gore Mutual the number one insurance company in Ontario in their 2014 Rate Your Company survey and the only company to receive a five-star rating. In fact, Gore Mutual has previously been named the number one insurance company in both Ontario and British Columbia by the IBAO and the IBABC (Insurance Brokers Association of British Columbia). Gore Mutual has been widely recognized as a great company to work with.

Gore Mutual considers watching entrepreneurial ideas come to life and serving generations of families to be a privilege that they honour and take very seriously.  The company strives to be there to offer help when needed and to give back so that the entire community can grow and prosper.  They take pride in helping others to get back on their feet as efficiently as possible through their superb customer service based on trust, honesty and transparency in all of their dealings.

“We as a mid-sized company have the ability to be quite nimble and agile in responding to customer needs. For instance, some of the technology we use came from an entrepreneurial idea that blossomed into a great business value. We have connectivity in our claims system that speeds up claims and allows our customers to get back to their normal lives more quickly,” says Sevcik.

As CEO of Gore Mutual, Sevcik is passionate about people and truly believes in the core values of the company she has been a part of for 21 years. The industry is changing rapidly, and Gore Mutual is not afraid of reinventing themselves to continue thriving for another 175 years. They will do that by adopting new technology, hiring new people with diverse skills and making bold moves that will enable continued access to customers. But core to that reinvention, in Sevcik’s mind, remains in staying true to Gore Mutual’s essential values.

“Our employees have a passion for our profession. We help people in their greatest times of need, and that’s meaningful,” she says.