Great Eastern Energy’s Ener-G Tracker Tool Now Available for Energy Brokers

NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwired – Apr 4, 2017) – Great Eastern Energy (GEE), a licensed supplier of electricity, natural gas, and energy management solutions in the Northeast, today announced the availability of their web-based energy management tool, Ener-G Tracker, to energy brokers nationwide. Ener-G Tracker allows brokers to digitally manage multiple customers throughout various utility service areas within one centralized platform, providing them with detailed information including monthly usage, spending, and budgeting tools.

GEE’s objective is to enhance their broker relationship by providing them with a 360° view their customers’ electricity and natural gas usage and expenses, especially when across multiple utility service areas. GEE encourages all brokers to take advantage of this powerful tool, which will help them manage their customer portfolio.

Features of the Ener-G Tracker include:

  • Web-Based Platform: Proactively monitor your customers’ energy consumption in real-time
  • Organize, Understand & Reduce Costs: Displays a consolidated record of multiple utility bills (not just energy) in one secure location
  • Monthly Breakdown: The platform includes a monthly breakdown of your customers’ invoices so you can see both their supply and delivery costs
  • Budget Wizard: Allows users to set a budget based on projected monthly usage
  • Email Alerts: Built-in intelligence proactively monitors your customers’ energy usage and will send email notifications if it begins to go outside of the budgeted usage and costs
  • Plan Ahead: Incorporates data from 300+ weather stations and 30 years of historical data to give you an educated prediction of what your customers’ energy usage and costs should be for the upcoming year

“Great Eastern Energy’s relationship with our brokers is one we deeply value and regard highly, especially when launching new products like the Ener-G Tracker. We believe Ener-G Tracker will be an invaluable tool for brokers who manage multiple customers, properties, and businesses,” said Matthew Lanfear, President and CEO at GEE. “We know our brokers work hard to bring their customers only the most beneficial and trusted products, and GEE strives to do the same for our brokers with the launch of Ener-G Tracker.”

For more information about the Ener-G Tracker or to request a demo, please visit

About Great Eastern Energy:
Great Eastern Energy is a leading supplier of natural gas, electricity and renewable energy in the Northeast. Founded in 1996, we remain one of the longest standing energy service companies in the region. Our full-service energy solutions help businesses thrive by managing their energy usage and costs while increasing their overall bottom-line. Our mission is to provide transparent solutions and build trusting, long-term relationships by empowering our customers with the knowledge necessary to make better energy decisions. We are at the forefront of environmental sustainability and it is our goal to consistently promote positive energy behaviors to reduce consumption and carbon footprints. Follow Great Eastern Energy @GrtEastEnergy on Twitter and on LinkedIn. For more information, please visit our website:

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