Guardian Announces Changes to the Name and Investment Strategies of Guardian Balanced Fund

TORONTO, Oct. 30, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Guardian Capital LP (“Guardian”), the manager of the Guardian Capital Funds, announced today that it is changing the name of Guardian Balanced Fund to Guardian Managed Balanced Portfolio (the “Fund”). This change will bring the Fund’s name into alignment with the Guardian suite of “Managed Portfolios”.
Simultaneously, Guardian is updating the Fund’s investment strategies by moving from a static selection of strategies and systematic asset mix rebalancing to a strategic and tactical asset allocation methodology. The Fund will be adopting the concept of core and satellite portfolio holdings used in the Guardian suite of Managed Portfolios, but without exposure to non-investment grade bonds and emerging markets equity asset classes used in other Managed Portfolios.These changes are designed to better position the Fund within the family of Guardian Capital Funds. The changes to the name and investment strategies of the Fund are effective immediately and will be reflected in amendments to the Simplified Prospectus, Annual Information Form and updated Fund Facts for the Fund, expected to be filed today.Guardian Capital LP is the manager and portfolio manager of the Guardian Capital Funds and the Guardian ETFs. Additionally, Guardian Capital LP manages portfolios for defined benefit and defined contribution pension plans, insurance companies, foundations, endowments and third-party mutual funds. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guardian Capital Group Limited, a diversified financial services company founded in 1962. For further information on Guardian Capital LP, please visit
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