Guelph Hyundai Superstore

Counting Down to the Grand Opening

ON NOVEMBER 3RD, 2014, Guelph Hyundai Superstore celebrates a major milestone! Founder and Dealer Principal Graham Dennis, alongside his wife and V.P. Catherine O’Reilly, open their newly constructed state-of-the-art facility to the public. The opening of this SuperStore is also a ground-breaking transition for Hyundai Canada as it is the first store in Canada to unveil the new premium design program called GDSI (Global Design Space Initiative). This luxurious new look reflects the high quality offered by Hyundai’s award-winning line-up without the premium price and offers a more sophisticated facility to showcase the world class vehicle line-up of today and the future.

The 28,000 square foot building sits only two doors down from the dealership’s current location at 785 Woodlawn Road W. in Guelph, Ontario. The wide open showrooms and large pane-glassed windows reflect the welcoming, transparent approach the Guelph Hyundai team takes in every transaction. New and pre-owned Hyundai vehicles will be displayed throughout the massive lot. Sales staff work with customers in the building’s main showroom, not hidden inside closed offices.

“The new facility offers a whole new car purchasing experience that customers’ won’t find anywhere else,” Dennis explains in a CBJ interview, “We’ve always practiced transparency in our business; the new design is taking this transparency to a whole new level. Everything is open and accessible, with professional, well-trained staff delivering beyond customer expectation.”

“We’re trying to make the buying process as simple and pleasant as possible,” O’Reilly adds.

The new dealership boasts a 14 car show room along with 14 service bays. It also incorporates a drive-in reception for servicing and car detailing. Customers can enter into a sheltered area in inclement weather, protecting both themselves and their vehicles.

Although construction of the new Guelph Hyundai SuperStore ends late October, the dealership’s official Grand Opening Celebration will take place in early December. The month of November will allow the team to move in and integrate their operations fully before hosting a grand celebration which will be open to the community.

Exponential Growth

The Grand Opening coincides with another major milestone in Guelph Hyundai’s history. The dealership is also celebrating their 30th anniversary as a family-owned and run business.

Graham Dennis founded the business in the fall of 1984, less than a year after Hyundai first entered the North American market. Guelph Hyundai is currently the longest-standing
Hyundai Dealership in Southwestern Ontario. Guelph Hyundai was first operated from a temporary office trailer, performing vehicle servicing off-site. By late January 1985, construction began on a permanent building.

Dennis began the Guelph Hyundai legacy at only 25 years old. As a child, Dennis grew up loving all things related to automobiles. His father, Harry Dennis, owned a local dealership and often let his son assist in the facility’s upkeep. His brother Gordon owned and operated Guelph Nissan for 30 years before retiring recently.

Dennis carried his father’s inspirational love of the industry with him throughout his youth. When he first opened, he held the roles of President, Business Manager, Delivery Specialist, Salesperson, and Car Detailer all at once!

Dennis’s determination and hard-work quickly brought success to Guelph Hyundai. In 1991, the dealership underwent substantial renovations and an expansion of the service department. In 1999, Dennis’s wife Catherine O’Reilly joined the business. O’Reilly previously directed a large sales force for a multi-national cookware company, and brought a plethora of past experience to contribute. She currently acts as V.P. at Guelph Hyundai.

“It was quite the hayday when Hyundai first opened in Canada!” O’Reilly explains, “Everyone did really well. Later on, there were some rougher patches for the automobile industry.Some dealerships closed their businesses – but Guelph Hyundai persevered and has flourished ever since!”

In 2006, the dealership underwent a complete image renovation, expanding the building by 6000 square feet. This updated both the facility’s operational capacity and efficiencies.

Now, Guelph Hyundai moves forward into its latest and greatest expansion landmark. The new flagship store will both improve the dealerships’ offerings and operations. Visitors are welcome to attend the Grand Opening Celebration in December with Dennis, O’Reilly, and the whole Guelph Hyundai team!

A Community Initiative

Since the dealership’s inception, Dennis prioritized contributing back to the local community.For decades, Guelph Hyundai has supported several youth sports programs in Guelph. They also run regular charitable food donation events throughout the year.

Guelph Hyundai is also highly active within the local business community. They recently began the ‘Smart Buy Advantage’ Program with notable Guelph businesses such as Turtle Jack’s, Williams Fresh Café, and Victoria Park Valley Golf Course and many others company’s listed on Guelph Hyundai’s website. The Smart Buy Card from Guelph Hyundai is accompanied by discounts on future parts and servicing in-house, as well as reduced rates and coupons that can be used at many of Guelph’s top businesses. This unique program is available with the purchase of a vehicle only from Guelph Hyundai.

“The Smart Buy Advantage Program is really helping local businesses work together to promote partnerships,” O’Reilly tells CBJ.

The opening of Guelph Hyundai’s new SuperStore provides further opportunities for fostering community relationships. On September 06, 2014, the dealership held a car show in partnership with several Southwestern car clubs. The event held competitions for the best modified cars in each model line-up, and an awards ceremony complete with trophies styled from engine pistons, along with thousands of dollars in prizes. Enthusiasts drove from as far as Michigan, Ottawa and Toronto to join in the friendly rivalry. Donations of funds and food were collected for the local food bank.

Once completed, the new SuperStore will host a variety of charitable group meetings and initiatives. An impressive 16 foot live-edge walnut table graces the spacious boardroom which will be available to the community at large. The modern open glass showroom creates a visually stunning setting and will be an aesthetically pleasing backdrop for the annual community art shows O’Reilly plans to host; the first to be held spring 2015.

For more information on Guelph Hyundai’s products and services, as well as future updates on Grand Opening plans, please visit