Happy Ending Story highlights need for Tech Donations

BURNABY, British Columbia, Jan. 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The necessity of owning a home computer has not been so acutely felt since the COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we need to work, learn, and communicate. Sadly, many households in BC still do not have access to a computer.
Burnaby NOW Reporter Cornelia Naylor recently wrote an article detailing a “happy ending” story. Computers equipment donated by the City of Burnaby was refurbished at BC Tech and provided to the Burnaby School District’s “Social Workers in Schools” program, who in turn provided equipment to local families, including Raghda Mallok. We are thrilled to learn how this computer helped the family and is making an impact in their new life.“Ms. Naylor’s article exemplifies the work we accomplish at BC Tech for Learning Society with this one story demonstrating the impact felt by one family. Every month we distribute hundreds of computers to organizations or direct to families, so we know this story is being felt across hundreds of other homes in BC,” says Mary-Em Waddington, executive director.The Mallok family represents just one request for a computer or laptop out of hundreds received monthly by BC Technology for Learning, who recently celebrated the distribution of their 180,000th computer. The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the need for computers as many people need to work from home or attend school online. Our ability to continue to provide computers and laptops for those who need them is dependent on donations from businesses, local government, and individuals.If you have used technology that you no longer need please visit our website to learn how to donate today. Laptops, monitors, and tablets are currently most in demand.About BC Technology for Learning SocietyBC Technology for Learning Society (BC Tech) is the not-for-profit organization licensed to operate the CFS+ program in BC. BC Tech collects donated computers, laptops, and other tech; hires and trains youth to refurbish the computers for distribution through the Computers for Schools Plus program, TELUS Internet for Good initiative, or Connecting Families program.About the Computers for Schools Plus programComputers for Schools Plus (CFS+) is a Government of Canada program that refurbishes computers donated by government, private businesses and individuals for use by schools, libraries, registered not-for-profit organizations and Indigenous communities.CONTACT & MEDIA INQUIRIES
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