Health Canada Interim Order Authorization #324815 For Trebor RX Pro+ Dual Respirator

COLLINGWOOD, Ontario, Aug. 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — TREBOR RX CORP. – Trebor Rx Corp. is pleased to announce that the Pro+™ Respirator Mask received Health Canada Interim Order authorization #324815 and will begin being sold in Canada immediately. A proudly made in Canada reusable respirator offering 95PFE protection.

“Trebor Rx Corp. is very excited to introduce the patented Pro+ Respirator Mask to Canada. We believe that the new levels of comfort will be a huge benefit to those individuals who must wear masks for hours at a time to carry out their duties,” said George Irwin, CEO of Trebor Rx. Corp.

“As a reusable and recyclable mask, the Pro+ prevents unnecessary medical waste destined for Canadian landfills. When compared to the majority of single use PPE on the market today, the Pro+ stands apart as being made from 99.9% recyclable materials. This is a game changer to industries looking for innovative and environmentally conscious solutions at a fraction of the cost of other PPE.”

The Pro+™ Respirator is engineered for one core reason, to keep professionals and those around them, safe with two-way inhale/exhale filtration. The respirator uses a soft, durable, and flexible thermoplastic elastomer that provides a complete seal around your face, ensuring complete protection.

Three-layer filters provide 95PFE protection while maintaining excellent breathability while the respirator body is fully washable using antibacterial soap, with only the filters that need to be disposed of responsibly.

Try the Pro+ today and support Canadian made innovation.

For more information about the Pro+ Respirator please contact:

George Irwin
Chief Executive Officer
E: [email protected]
T: (416-625-7499) (705-443-8424)

About Trebor RX
Fueled by a dedicated and compassionate team prioritizing safety and innovation, Trebor Rx Corp. is setting a new standard of PPE while solving problems of Safety, cost, comfort, and medical waste. A proudly Canadian company with a production facility located in Collingwood, Ontario and Edmonton, Alberta, Trebor Rx, is committed to providing Healthcare, Frontline and Essential workers with innovative, new patented PPE technology during COVID-19 and beyond.

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