Healthy Hippo Announces Ontario Wide Retail Listing with Goodness Me

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, April 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Healthy Hippo Naturals Inc. (the “Company”) – Plant-based, low sugar candy brand Healthy Hippo, announces it will now be listed at Goodness Me, an Ontario-based natural food chain with 13 retail stores and an online marketplace. 

This partnership with Goodness Me validates Healthy Hippo’s commitment to better for you, high-quality candy that has no taste compromise for its consumers. The listing marks an important milestone for Healthy Hippo as the first retail storefront listing in Ontario, and the Company believes it is well-positioned to capture additional market share. All 5 Healthy Hippo SKUs will be available, including Hippo Gummies, Sour Keys, Swedish Hippos, Sour Hippo Gummies, and Fizzy Colas. 

“This is just the start of our expansion into the east coast, and we couldn’t be happier that we are kicking it off with Goodness Me!” said CEO & Founder Ashley Paterson. “We believe partnerships with regional chains such as this will allow Healthy Hippo to build a loyal customer base that is vital to our success.“

Goodness Me has a mission of offering healthy living products to their consumers. The stores have a loyal following and follow strict guidelines to ensure only the highest quality foods are available in their locations across Ontario. The Company is female-led and was founded by Janet Jacks, who opened the first retail store in 1981, which has now expanded across Ontario, including an online store that ships Canada-wide. 

VP of Sales Teresa Lafferty, remarked, “We are excited to be partnering with Goodness Me; we believe that Healthy Hippo products will bring in new consumers to the low sugar candy market by offering a gummy sweetened with pure monk fruit juice concentrate and leaves no aftertaste. We know many consumers do not want stevia or sugar alcohols as sweeteners, and until now there were no other options.”

Contact Information

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About Healthy Hippo Naturals Inc.

Healthy Hippo is a naturally delicious, plant-based low sugar candy made with three years of careful R&D. Each product is naturally sweetened with monk fruit (no stevia or sugar alcohols), 3 grams of sugar or less, non-GMO, and uses no artificial flavours or ingredients! Each candy is an evolution of traditional candy made better, ranging from sweet to sour – Hippo Gummies, Swedish Hippos, Sour Hippo Gummies, Sour Keys and Fizzy Colas.

The Company is now carbon neutral certified and working towards reducing its carbon footprint to net zero.

Healthy Hippo is an all-women team led by Ashley Paterson, an entrepreneur with extensive experience in healthy conscious vegan foods. Ashley was instrumental in creating vegan disruptor Big Mountain Foods – whose plant-based meals are distributed across the largest North American retailers.

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