Helena Agri-Enterprises introduces environmentally friendly way to save Colorado trees from invasive pests

Denver, Colorado, April 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Helena Agri-Enterprises introduces LALGUARD AZA (manufactured by Lallemand Inc./BioForest), an environmentally friendly botanical insecticide, to combat invasive species such as Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), European Elm Scale (EES), Kermes Scale (KS) and gypsy moths (GM). Some of these pests have spread to more than 30 states and have killed millions of ash, oak, elm, and other tree species in urban areas throughout North America.

“EAB was first discovered in Colorado in 2013 and can spread quickly from tree to tree. The best prevention is to keep trees healthy. We’ve seen the damage this invasive pest can cause in other states across the Eastern United States,” says Judd Fitzgerald Colorado Branch Manager, at Helena Agri-Enterprises. “If you have trees in your backyard or your local park there are four to five pests that are coming (or are already there) to attack tree populations. LALGUARD AZA offers homeowners and municipalities an environmentally friendly option to protect trees with minimal impact on the surrounding environment rather than incurring the inevitable costs of tree removal.”

Ash and Elm trees create a beautiful urban canopy in Colorado’s parks and communities, but these trees are vulnerable to an insect species that can damage and destroy them. The benefits of saving (treating) a tree outweigh not taking any action resulting in having to remove the tree. If infested, an ash tree is unsafe to climb, therefore equipment such as spider lifts and/or cranes will need to be hired to safely remove the tree.

If I could offer advice to other Foresters in areas that are just getting EAB I would say identify your ash population and prioritize the trees you want to protect,” says Brian Pelot, Assistant Forester, City of Green Bay Parks, Recreation and Forestry. “Create a long-term plan for protecting those trees and start removing the other ash trees around your protected trees. The LALGUARD treatments work and are very effective if started early. This advice could be relevant to other invasive insects such as GM, EES and KS.”

LALGUARD AZA is a water-soluble azadirachtin-based insecticide applied by microinjection into the active sapwood of affected trees. It is formulated to inject quickly and translocate rapidly (within 48 hours) and provides up to two years of efficacy for EAB. This ready-to-use formula can be stored for up to a year in cool, dark conditions. Unlike many other products, LALGUARD AZA is not a neonicotinoid nor is it from the avermectin family of pesticides. It is very low in toxicity resulting in minimal risk to applicators, birds, bees and mammals in urban environments. The leaves from trees treated with LALGUARD AZA can be composted and used in your garden. LALGUARD AZA is manufactured by Lallemand Inc./BioForest.

For more information about LALGUARD AZA call your local arborist or visit www.helenaprofessional.com.  

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About Helena Agri-Enterprises (Distributor)

Founded in 1957, Helena Agri-Enterprises LLC has grown to be one of the nation’s foremost specialty formulators and distributors in the United States. In addition to distributing a wide range of inputs from basic manufacturers and other companies that supply the specialty industry, Helena has an impressive line of its own products. Helena specializes in Tree Care, Lawn Care, Vegetation Management, Municipal Turf and Ornamental, Golf Maintenance, and Forestry and Nursery. To learn more about Helena visit www.helenaprofessional.com.

About BioForest/Lallemand Plant Care

Lallemand Plant Care specializes in supplying biological plant protection, biostimulation and biofertilization products that improve productivity and plant vitality. BioForest is a subsidiary of Lallemand Plant Care, overseeing its Forestry Division.  BioForest’s purpose is to save trees from invasive pests and diseases while having minimal impact on the surrounding environment. To learn more about BioForest visit www.bioforest.ca


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