HelloButler founder Jungang Gu (Kenny Gu) shares tips on how to save money on home insurance

BURNABY, British Columbia, Aug. 04, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Vancouver-area builder/developer Jungang (Kenny) Gu advises from his own experience that the best home insurance companies in Canada for customer service may not be the most expensive providers, nor are they the most popular. While the price of home insurance is determined by an array of factors including the home’s age, building materials and location, some insurers offer more for less.
The J.D Power 2019 Canada Home Insurance Satisfaction Study lists premiums companies would charge a specific homeowner. Banks and membership associations, such as the BCAA or The Co-operators, offered competitive prices for well-performing customer satisfaction scores while Canada’s biggest home insurer, Intact, had among the highest prices and lowest customer service ratings among the study’s top performers.Searching for home insurance can be difficult. While some factors such as a security system or flood prevention tools like a sump pump or backflow preventer can bring down your premium, some homes are just expensive to insure. Homeowners can’t change the age of the foundation or how far the home is from a fire hydrant. These factors may drive up insurance premiums. But homeowners can take home security and safety measures to bring down insurance premiums.HelloButler is a game-changer for people searching for a discounted quality home insurance solution. The HelloButler mobile app, available since 2016, has seen the completion of more than 30,000 service calls for the more than 10,000 Vancouver-area homeowners. A well-maintained home is a safer home.Conceived by Vancouver-area builder-developer Jungang Gu (Kenny Gu) in 2015 as a response to many homeowner customers wanting to connect with tradespeople for home maintenance, as well as all other home-related services, the HelloButler app has more than 2,000 partners.HelloButler is unique because it offers a security alarm service which includes water leak monitoring using a series of moisture sensors to automatically shut off the main water service to prevent flooding. In some cases, a comprehensive security and safety alarm system can result in home insurance savings.HelloButler is a Burnaby-based company offering homeowners a one stop mobile app for maintenance, repairs, renovations, property management, security, homeowner insurance and other services.

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