HelloButler founder Jungang Gu (Kenny Gu) shares tipsĀ on preventing costly mistakes by hiring the right contractor

BURNABY, British Columbia, Aug. 10, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Choosing the right contractor for home maintenance, repairs or renovations can save thousands of dollars, prevent poor workmanship and delays as well as potential legal issues, advises Vancouver-area builder/developer Kenny Gu.
The best references are from satisfied customers. Ask trusted friends, a realtor, lawyer or banker for recommendations. Beware of online searches with fake references and testimonials.Mr. Gu suggests interviewing five contractors. Find out when they are available, how much work they do themselves, what work will be done by subcontractors, how they are paid, what payment is based on and what permits are necessary. Find out how many projects they normally have going at any one time. Often, in busy times, big jobs will get the contractorā€™s attention, leaving your worksite dormant for days.Free online services include the Canadian Legal Information Institute (canlii.org) or Google News to check for legal disputes involving contractors to stay away from and reputation checks can be made through Linkedin, and the Better Business Bureau.Have an itemized to do list and get estimates from at least two reputable contractors in writing. Make sure the cost for each service and all material is itemized and there is a strict timetable for how the work will proceed with a completion date.A safe and simple solution to every need a homeowner has is HelloButler – a Burnaby-based company offering homeowners a one stop mobile app for maintenance, repairs, renovations, security, homeowner insurance and other services.

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