Helpforme, the newly rebranded Personal Legal Services division of Hammerberg Lawyers LLP, announces the expansion of its Estate Litigation practice under the Helpforme banner.

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VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Jan. 30, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Helpforme’s new Estate Litigation group merges Hammerberg’s long-standing Wills, Estate & Trusts team with its dynamic personal legal services dispute resolution team, to create more depth of service with a full-scope Estate Law practice. This combined team approach – merging multidisciplinary legal expertise and knowledge of the Wills, Estates and Succession Act (formerly the Wills Variation Act) – strengthens Helpforme’s service offering considerably. For British Columbians seeking legal guidance for common estate law issues, such as establishing a Trust or an Estate/Succession Plan; contesting the validity of a Will; seeking to vary or challenge a Will; or challenging unfair asset distribution in a Will, Helpforme is now a “one stop shop” in BC’s Inheritance Law field.

Helpforme’s strength lies in understanding both the laws that protect a Testator (will-maker) and the will-maker’s right to distribute assets according to their wishes; as well as the laws that permit a child or spouse of the will-maker to challenge the fairness of that distribution. “Our combined expertise in Estate Law planning and Litigation allows us to anticipate potential problems and strategize and plan accordingly,” says Helpforme Partner, Krista Simon.

By comparison, not all estate law firms are able to offer litigation services. Some offer only advice in the estate planning stages. Simon adds, “Out litigation team members are seasoned, experienced trial lawyers. While we can be vigorous in litigation, we understand that many of the best solutions can be found outside a courtroom. Our comprehensive services provide a voice for disappointed beneficiaries, such as disinherited children and spouses. We stand up for those who have been unfairly treated. I strongly believe in the principle of fairness – that people should be treated fairly, and with respect and dignity.”

In addition to Helpforme’s legal expertise in Inheritance Law, the firm has a uniquely personal, empathetic client approach. “I get the greatest satisfaction from helping people through a difficult and emotional dispute, and leading them through a resolution process that restores their sense of justice while maintaining family bonds,” says Helpforme Partner, Morgyn Chandler.

Chandler adds, “We are experienced negotiators as well as trial lawyers. Drawing on our knowledge of the law, our empathy and our dispute resolution skills, our goal is to find an amicable solution among beneficiaries that, if desired, unites divided families.”

Helpforme is pleased to be able to offer Estate Litigation services on a contingency basis – which means that its clients only pay legal fees when their case is resolved positively. This makes it possible for people with a valid claim to take the necessary steps to challenge a Will, without the worry of paying legal fees while their dispute is in progress. Helpforme’s contingency fee structure gives everyday people access to justice and the ability to pursue their legal rights – people who might not otherwise have the means to retain a lawyer.

Helpforme’s expertise covers: Wills and Estate Planning; Succession Planning; Trusts and Trust Litigation; Estate Probate and Administration; Committees and Adult Guardians; Disinherited Children and Spouses; Undue Influence and Incapacity; and Claims against Executors and Trustees.

Helpforme, located in Vancouver, BC, is dedicated to personal legal services including personal injury law, estate litigation, insurance denials and product liability. For more information, please visit

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