Hemlo Intersects Multiple Anomalous Gold Horizons at the North Limb Project

TORONTO, Nov. 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Hemlo Explorers Inc. (the “Company”) (TSXV: HMLO) announced today the final drill results from it’s 18-hole 7,891 m program (Table 1) at the North Limb project, located 15 km north of Barrick Gold Corporation’s Hemlo Mine near Marathon, Ontario.  


  • Armand Lake Volcanic Complex (“ALVC”) Lunny East Showing: Drillholes NL21-12 (Section L+900), NL21-13 (Section L+350), NL21-14, -15 (Section L-1140), NL21-16 (Section L+1100), NL21-17 (Section L+800) and NL21-18 (Section L+1350) totalling 2,396.15 m were drilled on five sections over a strike length of 1,000 m (Figure 1). These holes were designed to test the North and Southern contacts of the ALVC, areas of possible folding and elevated gold, antimony and molybdenum in surface rock and soil sampling.
  • Drilling intercepted anomalous gold horizons on all sections (Figures 2-7, Table 2) and can be correlated to surface sampling in holes NL21-13, -16 and -17 over vertical distances of approximately 275 metres, 175 metres and 150 metres, respectively.
  • All available historical drillhole data has been now successfully digitally captured and 3D© Leapfrog drillhole and geochemical modelling is ongoing and additional drillhole planning is being evaluated for future exploration.

As has been reported with previous drill results from the Musher, Armand and Lunny West showings, multi-element ICP data using ioGAS© geochemical software has identified widespread pathfinder elements such as Ag, Sb, Mo, As, V, Te, +/- Hg Cu and Zn at the Lunny East showing. Some of these elements have been positively correlated with Au mineralization at the nearby Hemlo Mine, while others define broader horizons indicating a more extensive corridor of hydrothermal activity.

Brian Howlett, CEO of Hemlo Explorers, commented “We are satisfied that our initial drill program at the North Limb project demonstrated widespread anomalous gold horizons that can be in some instances correlated over considerable vertical depth. Additionally, extensive elevated pathfinder elements, as seen at the Hemlo Mine, defined a broad hydrothermal system over a strike length of in excess of 5 kilometres covering a large portion of the ALVC trend.”

Figure #1: Armand Lake Volcanic Complex Drillhole Plan Map, Lunny Area

Figure #2: Section L+900 (NL21-12)

Figure #3: Section L+350 (NL21-13)

Figure #4: Section L+1140 (NL21-14, -15)

Figure #5: Section L+1100 (NL21-16)

Figure #6: Section L+800 (NL21-17)

Figure #7: Section L+800 (NL21-18)

Table 1. Drill Collar Coordinates
Hole ID Easting Northing Elevation Azimuth Dip Length
NL21-01 589174 5409003 372 20 -45 332.00
NL21-02 589267 5408836 351 20 -65 626.17
NL21-03 589081 5408822 352 20 -65 629.00
NL21-04 589081 5408822 352 20 -56 439.90
NL21-05 589084 5409229 356 200 -60 440.00
NL21-06 590228 5409135 370 20 -65 510.00
NL21-07 591079 5408821 357 20 -55 531.00
NL21-08 590984 5408667 374 20 -55 420.00
NL21-09 590804 5408998 357 20 -50 436.50
NL21-10 586137 5409853 367 0 -60 575.07
NL21-11 586356 5410031 385 180 -55 549.00
NL21-12 587651 5410000 396 0 -45 312.00
NL21-13 587091 5409974 385 180 -50 427.50
NL21-14 587894 5409793 374 0 -45 396.00
NL21-15 587894 5409793 374 0 -63 207.00
NL21-16 587868 5409698 373 180 -50 408.00
NL21-17 587523 5409963 399 0 -51 400.00
NL21-18 588103 5409783 372 0 -60 252.00
Table 2. Summary of Current and Historic Drill Results for the Lunny Area
Section Hole ID From (m) To (m) Intersection Width (m) Au (ppb) Comments
L+900 NL21-12 115.70 117.95 2.25 25 V, Sb, Ag +/-Mo, As, Te, Hg
  NL21-12 123.50 126.10 2.60 67  
  NL21-12 137.05 137.65 0.60 461  
L+350 NL21-13 199.49 200.58 1.09 36 Ag, V +/- Mo, As, Te, Hg, Cu, Zn
  NL21-13 331.31 332.80 1.49 55  
  NL21-13 350.37 351.75 1.38 156  
  NL21-13 381.96 383.33 1.37 83  
  NL21-13 388.62 389.43 0.81 1,400 1.40 g Au/t
L+1140 NL21-14 85.15 85.50 0.35 215 Ag, Mo, Sb, Cu +/- V, Te, As
  NL21-14 382.50 384.00 1.50 163  
L+1140 NL21-15 48.00 48.30 0.30 252 Ag, Mo, Cu +/- Sb
  NL21-15 57.58 58.21 0.63 76  
  NL21-15 87.52 88.50 0.98 38  
  NL21-15 191.52 192.22 0.70 23  
L+1100 NL21-16 36.70 38.50 1.80 24 Ag, Mo, Cu +/- Sb, V, Te
  NL21-16 50.50 53.50 3.00 24  
  NL21-16 65.25 4.85 4.85 48  
  NL21-16 151.15 153.60 2.45 30  
  NL21-16 241.20 242.40 1.20 36  
L+800 NL21-17 18.40 20.55 2.15 50 Ag, Mo, Cu, Sb, As +/- V, Te, Hg, Zn
  NL21-17 24.50 26.29 1.79 21  
  NL21-17 122.50 124.41 1.91 24  
  NL21-17 204.10 207.00 2.90 151  
  NL21-17 235.15 239.50 4.35 69  
  NL21-17 285.16 287.15 1.99 27  
  N-96-02 (Historic) 40.22 42.00 1.78 68  
L+1350 NL21-18 240.16 240.64 0.48 43 Ag, Mo, Cu +/-Sb, V, Te

The North Limb geological setting resembles that of the Hemlo Mine with felsic to intermediate volcanic and sedimentary assemblages, quartz-feldspar intrusives in a district scale, high strain arcuate structural regime. Much of the mineralization at the Hemlo Mine is confined to high strain zones and spatially associated with the contact between felsic volcanic rocks and sedimentary rocks. Similar alteration of silica, sericite, feldspar and vanadium to that of the Hemlo Deposit is found with anomalous gold along the Armand and Musher Horizons which have strike lengths of 7 and 8 kilometres, respectively.

Quality Assurance – Quality Control

Once received from the drill and processed, all drill core samples are sawn in half, labelled and bagged. The remaining drill core is securely stored on site. Numbered security tags are applied to lab shipments for chain of custody requirements. The Company inserts quality control (QC) samples at regular intervals in the sample stream, including blanks and reference materials with all sample shipments to monitor and evaluate laboratory performance. The QA/QC program was designed by Dan McCormack, PGO and is overseen by Dr. Lesley Rose, PGO.

Drill core samples are submitted to Activation Laboratories’ analytical facility in Thunder Bay, Ontario for preparation and analysis is completed at the Thunder Bay and Ancaster facilities. Both labs are accredited to the ISO/IEC 17025 standard for gold and multi-element assays and all analytical methods include quality control materials at set frequencies with established data acceptance criteria. The entire sample is crushed and 500 g is pulverized. Analysis for gold is by 30 g fire assay fusion with atomic absorption (AAS) finish with a lower limit of 0.005 ppm (5 ppb) and upper limit of 5 ppm (5000 ppb). Samples with gold assays greater than 2 ppm are re-analyzed using a 50 g fire assay fusion with gravimetric finish. A selected number of samples are also analyzed using a 60 element geochemical package by aqua regia digestion, followed by a combination of Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectroscopy (ICP-OES) and Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS) for analysis.

Technical Information

Mr. Adrian Bray, P.Geo., Exploration Manager for the Company, is the “Qualified Person” as defined by National Instrument 43-101 Standards of Disclosure for Mineral Projects, responsible for the accuracy of technical information contained in this news release.

About Hemlo Explorers Inc.

Hemlo Explorers is a Canadian-based mineral exploration company with a portfolio of properties in Ontario and Nunavut. We are focused on generating shareholder value through the advancement of our main Hemlo area projects, including the North Limb, Pic and Hemlo West.

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