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Headquartered in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Hi-Tec Industries Inc. was founded in 1995 by three brothers – Ben, John, and Cornie Dueck. They started by manufacturing small steel components for agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturer, and quickly evolved by expanding their manufacturing services to the rest of the agricultural sector and beyond.

Today, not even two decades into the business, Hi-Tec Industries designs, develops, and manufactures a line of its own products, while providing manufacturing services to a whole gamut of agricultural and industrial clients. The company that started with the three brothers being the only employees, today has some 250 employees, and four locations — two manufacturing facilities in Manitoba, one manufacturing facility in Oklahoma, and a marketing office in Sioux Falls, S.D.

The Canadian Business Journal spoke with Ben Dueck, CEO, and Chris Laing, Factory Represented, about Hi-Tec Industries’ unique products, exceptional service, and plans for the future. “We grew by creating quality products and good customer service. That’s how we kept growing.  In 1997, we started our laser cutting facility; in 1998, we started manufacturing our own TMR vertical mixer products under the NDE (New Direction Equipment Inc.) brand, and later added our Hi-Tec Trailers brand. From there, we continued to grow to our current four locations,” says Dueck.

Mechanization has been at the heart of Canadian agriculture for over a century, and it shaped the agricultural practices as we know them today. The agricultural manufacturing industry has progressed and agricultural technologies and innovation remain at the core of providing farmers with technologies that can deliver on efficiency and compete on the international level. This industry contributes approximately $5.6 billion in sales to the Canadian economy.

Hi-Tec Industries’ capabilities range from engineering to fabrication, assembly and painting, providing clients across various industries with a complete turnkey manufacturing solution. The company specializes in fabrication, machining, welding, painting, and product assembly. The company’s main plant in Portage La Prairie offers over 115,000 square feet of production space, with three assembly lines, 13 CNC machining centres, a 1,370-foot paint line (powder and liquid), and, to offer the best in manufacturing, Hi-Tec Industries is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

While technology and quality execution remain at the heart Hi-Tec Industries, the company is all about hard work, can-do work ethic, and passion for manufacturing. It is these characteristics that define the company and its products that offer unprecedented quality and workmanship. “Our focus is always on high quality and improving of our production processes. Our goal is to make the best possible product,” says Dueck.

To consistently provide high quality products, the company’s quality control ensures that each product meets all required standards, and the company strives to provide its manufacturing professionals with the latest in quality control technologies and state-of-the-art equipment such as the linear height gauges and coordinate measurement machines (capacity of 900x1000x1000mm). All company quality control processes are designed to ensure that all equipment is tested to meet the high demands and expectations of the clients, building the most reliable equipment on the market.

As the company established itself as quality manufacturer in the market, Dueck expects to take on new markets with new products that are currently in development. “Our engineers and R&D have focused mainly on our NDE mixers, but now we are working to refocus as we are working on our new product, the V-Wing Ditcher. This is a unique, patent pending product and it has its own niche in the market,” says Dueck.

“The V-Wing Ditcher is basically a V shaped ditcher that allows you to make surface change in your field to allow for better drainage and move earthen material, and there are two models, the 3200 and the 2100. It’s very unique to the market, because of the V shape design which allows for easier pulling and moving a lot of materials, and we plan to market this product to the farming community first,” added Laing.

As an evolving and adaptable business, Hi-Tec Industries also expanded into manufacturing utility trailers, landscape trailers, flat deck trailers, tilt deck trailers, and dump box trailers, all under the Hi-Tec Trailers brand.

But Dueck does not plan to stop there, planning to develop more and more product lines that can complement Hi-Tec Industries’ existing products, and distribute them across the world. Yet, the custom manufacturing still remains a core part of the company, and represents about 50 per cent of the company business.

“Yes, we intend to continue to develop our own products, but we are not forgetting our existing custom manufacturing for clients across North America who need components for their manufacturing needs. We see ourselves growing with our customers, and we always seek new opportunities, and many of our customers come to us to find solutions if their designs are not working for them. We always work with our customers to make complicated products easy to build,” says Dueck.

While Hi-Tec Industries focuses on the North American market, it also seeks new markets internationally, with some products already in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Venezuela, Japan, and South Africa. With its well established name in Canadian and U.S. manufacturing, the company plans to continue to provide high quality products to the marketplace.

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