High-pressure Sales Tactics Alleged by Bell Employee

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CBJ — A report by the CBC outlines the working life of a longtime Bell Canada employee who describes the Toronto call centre she works in as “a non-stop nightmare,” where she alleges she is forced to try and sell customers products they don’t need, don’t want, and may not understand. She says it’s all necessary in order to hit corporate sales targets in order to keep her job.

Andrea Rizzo is a 50-year-old employee at Bell, and has worked with the company for 20 years. She says employees like her are expected to make a sale on every call.

According to the report, Rizzo is currently on stress leave, and is concerned about the repercussions of making all of this public, but she is now at the point where clearly she feels she can no longer continue to work under such intensely difficult circumstances and is hoping that by making the public aware of what’s going on, that change may come from the corporate side.

Rizzo details how she once talked with a 90-year-old and had her sign up for internet service, knowing full well that the elderly woman was blind and couldn’t use it.

No one from Bell Canada would give the CBC’s Go Public an interview, but in an email,¬†spokesperson Nathan Gibson wrote that agents talk about products and services to ensure that customers have what is “right for them” and are “aware of new services or performance upgrades.”

He did not address whether or not there is pressure for customer service agents to make a sale on every call.


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