Hill-Rom Canada

Innovations for Patients and Healthcare Providers

“A bed is not just a bed. It is a tool to improve outcomes for the patient, as well as the caregiver.”

Hill-Rom Canada General Manager Wayne Flynn strikes to the core of Hill-Rom’s mission: “to enhance outcomes for our patients and their caregivers” through the use of its products, services and technologies.

Hill-Rom Canada is a division of the worldwide Hill Rom brand, manufacturers and providers of medical technologies and related services to the healthcare industry. Hill-Rom provides Canadian hospitals with patient support systems, safe mobility and handling solutions, non-invasive therapeutic products for a variety of acute and chronic medical conditions, medical equipment rentals, surgical products and information technology solutions.

Hill-Rom Canada has an established legacy of supporting the health care industry, with roots first set in Port Credit, Ont. The company’s roots are based in Dominion Metalware (DMI), which opened its doors in 1946, and manufactured components for the Armed Forces. DMI shifted its gears to the manufacturing of hospital beds shortly after the end of the Second World War, and was purchased by Hill-Rom in 1972, officially changing its name to Hill-Rom Canada in 1988. The headquarters are not far from its original location, and has service centres across the country.

Hill-Rom Canada’s legacy of quality and reputation for building long-term customer relations has positioned the company as a staple in today’s healthcare. “We have a very strong footprint in Canada. Most hospitals, if not all, have one or more of our product lines in their facility,” Flynn says. Hill-Rom Canada focuses on acute care, but covers the continuum from long-term care to home care, focusing its manufacturing on hospital beds and long-term care beds, furniture and pressure relieving surfaces.

“If you look at the core products from Hill-Rom, there’s a history of innovation,” says Flynn
Hill-Rom is known as a leader in manufacturing, with many “firsts” to its credits. Not only do Hill-Rom Canada beds provide essential and dependable technologies for delivering effective quality care, its next-generation technologies assist caregivers in ways the company founders could only have dreamed of. “They’d be amazed,” says Flynn.

For example, Hill-Rom manufactured beds now have smart bed technology with connectivity, meaning they can connect and send data to their electronic medical records department. A suite of beds ensure there is a solution for any type of medical requirement, from surgical beds, to birthing beds and long-term care beds.

Hand Hygiene is the next forefront for Hill-Rom. Hand Hygiene compliance through new technologies is the simplest, most effective way to prevent hospital-associated infections (HAI), yet on average, compliance from health care workers to recommended hand hygiene procedures is estimated at less than 50 per cent. And one study has shown that even a 1 per cent improvement in hand hygiene can result in an annual savings of $39,000. Hill-Rom has developed a system to identify and monitor hand hygiene that is easy to implement, report, and install. The basis of the system is a light-weight badge worn by healthcare providers while at work. Hand hygiene stations are equipped with monitors that detect the badges, and should a caregiver neglect to wash their hands, the Hill-Rom system will give a gentle reminder tone through the badge. This system is an easy way to reduce the instances of HAI and enhancing the quality of care for patients and caregivers.

“Our Hand Hygiene System is a huge initiative in Canada for reducing infections within a facility,” says Flynn.

Hill-Rom’s Asset Advantage Utilization Management is another innovative system that monitors and survey asset use to ensure healthcare providers can maintain its equipment. Ensuring equipment is always clean and reliable and that the right equipment is in the right place at the right time, makes Hill-Rom a valued partner to the healthcare sector.

“A lot of the projects we are currently working on are with large health care facilities or regions where we can work with them collaboratively,” says Flynn. A third party academic study is often provided to prove and validate how well Hill-Rom services and products positively impact the patient as well as improve outcomes of the care givers and patients.
“Our products all have the same goal in mind, to enhance the patients’ and the caregivers’ experience. Specialized services and products can also streamline work, save money and provide peace-of-mind.”