HolHom Green Makes Carbon Footprint Reduction Easy for Austin Energy Customers

AUSTIN, TX–(Marketwired – April 21, 2017) – Energate Inc., a leader in interactive energy management solutions for utilities, and connected homes and small businesses, announces HōlHōm Green™, a real-time carbon reducing gateway and smart thermostat.

HōlHōm Green is the first smart thermostat that actively changes settings to reduce a home’s carbon footprint in response to the current carbon emissions of the regional power system. Just like HōlHōm transformed smart thermostats in 2015, by adding a gateway and energy management, HōlHōm Green is transforming smart thermostats again by adding real-time carbon response.

“Taking carbon reduction into real-time will send the right signals to power system operators, promoting the increasing shift to a cleaner, renewably-powered grid that drives value at the system and customer levels. Smart device-supported automatic emission reductions technology like this is an industry game-changer,” said Jamie Mandel, principal with Rocky Mountain Institute.

HōlHōm Green receives WattTime’s regional carbon intensity signal every five minutes and automatically changes settings to reduce consumption whenever the signal increases. While most carbon mitigation methods used today employ carbon credits that offset carbon sourced power resources, HōlHōm Green is the first smart thermostat on the market to reduce carbon in real-time.

“WattTime is excited about making real-time AER a reality,” said Gavin McCormick, WattTime’s Executive Director. “HōlHōm Green represents a major milestone toward democratizing carbon reduction and removing a huge barrier to voluntary participation by giving AER to the regular consumer.”

With a little help from Austin Energy, HōlHōm Green pairs with Austin Energy’s ZigBee-enabled smart meters and provides homeowners with current and historical energy information both on the thermostat’s display and via the MyEnergate mobile applications and portal. HōlHōm Green is eligible for rebates from Austin Energy for the Power Partner Thermostat program and their energy efficiency program.

With the most comprehensive smart thermostat features available in the market today, HōlHōm Green is the complete package. The internet-enabled thermostat uses Wi-Fi to connect to Energate’s cloud, which sends the WattTime carbon signal to devices, which respond automatically.

“HōlHōm Green is an amazing smart thermostat,” said Louis Szablya, EVP Sales & marketing for Energate. “It is the industry’s best kept secret. HōlHōm Green’s comfort control is second to none and as a gateway, it allows customers to add smart plugs and wired load switches to enhance the home’s energy and carbon response.”

HōlHōm Green is available from select retailers and at www.holhom.com for $199. Easy installation is possible without a common wire using EZwire ($24.99) and the HōlHōm Smart Plug ($59.95) will let you manage any plug-in load.

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Energate Inc. provides interactive energy management solutions that enable next-generation energy management and the connected home. Energate’s vertically integrated Consumer Connected Demand Response™ platform provides management of two-way communication and demand response events. Energate’s Internet of Things flexible solution includes devices, middleware, and applications through an interoperable architecture that has been proven in the homes of over 50 North American utilities’ customers.

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