HOPE TOKEN Raised $100K to donate to Save the Children in only 3 weeks

Montreal, QC, May 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (via Blockchain Wire) In an emotional livestream HOPE TOKEN kicked-off their first monthly donation on 5th May 2021, awarding $100k to Save the Children International. 

Defying the common tone of anonymity found in the crypto space, the Hope development team, who flag transparency as their core value, made a very public transaction of the donation. The broadcast was shared with an audience of loyal crypto investors who support $HOPE, joined by the common vision of developing products to help bridge the crypto space with humanitarian aid. 

“On behalf of Save the Children, we’re honoured to be the very first charitable beneficiary of the Hope Token. Your token does what it says- It provides hope”… Said Ettore Rossetti, Senior Director of Digital Marketing and Social Innovation at Save the Children, who received the award during the livestream. 

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..“You’ve done it! You have raised a lot of money in a short period of time which demonstrates one thing: a few people committed to the same cause can truly change the world”– E.R.

Hope’s unique tokenomics, which tax transactions in order to fund the donations, encourage exponential price growth benefits for both investors and charities because they reinvest 20% of their monthly donation amount back into their ecosystem.

In the case of this first donation, Save the Children received $80K in one instalment and the remaining $20K, although committed to Save the Children, were re-injected into $HOPE and will be released to the charity in smaller amounts over the next 36 months. The profits made from holding this 20% in Hope’s ecosystem for 3 years will be split amongst holders and marketing funds. $HOPE makes at least one donation per month, so this number will grow exponentially over time. 

The recent surge of charity tokens in the bsc space cannot go unnoticed, however their reputation has been often tainted with fraudulent activity made in the name of good causes. $Hope stands out for being a solid project with a robust charitable roadmap covering a wide range of aid sectors plus a dedicated emergency natural disaster relief fund. In only 3 weeks, the project has shown an unprecedented level of transparency, which has been further legitimized today by this new and very public relationship with Save the Children International.

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