How to Use LinkedIn Job Search to Land Your Dream Job

By Melonie Dodaro

If you are like most people, whether you are currently unemployed or leaving your current position to look for a new one, this can be incredibly overwhelming and stressful.

Finding a new job, or more specifically, the right job, can be daunting, despite the fact that there are for example, 11 million job openings a month on average, in the United States. Even with so many jobs available, the average job search takes about six months, according to LinkedIn.

Thankfully, LinkedIn can also make this process go much faster and smoother for you. It is a relationship building platform for professionals, business owners and executives. It also has a very high population of recruiters and hiring managers.

There are three ways that you can use LinkedIn to maximize your job search efforts: search for available positions using the Advanced Jobs Search; search for recruiters and hiring managers with LinkedIn’s advanced search function; and leverage your network to gain introductions.

In this article I am going to focus on the first, showing you how to effectively search for available positions on LinkedIn using the Advanced Jobs Search feature.

But before we jump into the specifics of using the LinkedIn job search feature, it is absolutely essential that you first take the time to update your LinkedIn profile.

75% of hiring managers report looking at LinkedIn profiles to learn about a candidate’s background. (LinkedIn)

First impressions are everything, especially online. You have seconds to make an impression on a potential employer before they size you up and move on.

You need to show recruiters and hiring managers that you not only have the skills and experience that they want, but that you would also be a good fit for the team and company culture.

How do you do this?

You start by creating a professional and employer focused LinkedIn profile. Here is a resource that will help you build a professional looking profile and personal brand that will represent you the way you want to be seen by recruiters or hiring managers.

Using LinkedIn’s Job Search Feature to Get Hired

A great place to start is by creating a dream list of employers that you want to work for and the places you would be willing to move to if it is required for a position. This can help create searches that produce the most productive results.

To start your search, type the position you are looking for in to the Advanced Search bar in the top left corner of LinkedIn (or in the LinkedIn Jobs page). When the results come up, select “Jobs” located just below the search bar. Next add your desired city, region or country.

This will create results which might look something similar to the image below if you were looking for a position as VP of Marketing in the Netherlands.

You may decide you wish to add another filter to your search. LinkedIn makes this easy as there are several other filters located at the top of the page.

You can filter the results by when the job posting was listed. This allows you to select jobs posted in the last 24 hours, the past week, the past month, or at any time.

You can also filter by LinkedIn features which allow you to see whether there are less than 10 applicants, if the job posting allows easy apply or whether the posting is found within your existing LinkedIn Network.

If you want to move on the posting right away, you can also click the Easy Apply button, if the job posting includes this feature.

To use the Easy Apply, simply complete all the required fields and submit your application. Required fields can differ from job to job and may include: Contact Info, Job Preferences, Resume and Work Experience.

NOTE: If you see the Apply button instead of the Easy Apply button, you’ll be routed to that company’s website or job board to continue the application process.

You will also find a plethora of other helpful info at the top of each job posting. This information includes:

• Position title
• Company
• Location
• When the job was posted
• How many views the job has
• How many of your listed skills match the required skills listed by the job poster
• How many applicants have already applied
• The company size and industry
• How many employees that you are currently connected to at the company
• A link to a search results page that lists all the employees of that company on LinkedIn

When you scroll below the top section you will see a job description that is provided by the company and responsibilities of that position.

To the right of this you will also see which of your skills and education match those listed as required by the company as well as other job details.

Creating Job Search Alerts

If you create a job search that produces the results you want, save time by creating a job search alert. To do this, click the Create search alert button, located above your results on the left-hand side of the page.

While setting up your search you can change the alert to send you notifications on a daily or weekly basis. If you are a motivated job seeker you may want to set this to daily. You can also choose how you wanted to be notified. Choose to be notified by email, notifications right within LinkedIn, or both. Again, to maximize your results, try setting it to Email & notifications.

Melonie Dodaro is founder of Top Dog Social Media that helps brands and businesses, use social media marketing and social selling to boost visibility, attract new customers and increase revenue. Dodaro is also the author of ‘The LinkedIn Code’ and the recently-released ‘LinkedIn Unlocked’. To learn more visit