How to use Digital Marketing to Recruit Top Talent

By Kelly Robertson

Looking to gain a competitive edge with your recruitment strategies? Digital marketing tactics such as email marketing, online press release distribution and, of course, social media provide a low-cost alternative way to draw top talent to your organization. In fact, 67 per cent of employers who are using social media to recruit do so to save money.

In addition to saving on recruitment costs, digital marketing tactics allow employers to recruit candidates who might not otherwise apply, focus on specific job levels or skill sets through advanced targeting, and increase a brand’s presence online.

Convinced that you should be using digital marketing tactics within your recruitment strategy? Here are a few ways to get started.

Your Website

Above all else, before using digital marketing as part of a human resources (HR) strategy, your website must be current, and it needs to contain all the information that a prospective candidate would want to know about working for your organization.

A dedicated careers page with updated job postings provides a resource for candidates when they are looking for a position with your company. If specific positions are not available, providing a generic HR email for resumé submissions will provide a large resumé pool to draw from when the time comes to fill a position.

When there are no positions to post, consider linking the careers page to information on your website about the corporate culture. Photos and videos of company events along with testimonials from current employees will promote your corporate culture and reinforce the reasons why someone would want to work for you.


The content on your website that pertains to your culture tells a great story. Distribute this story through a monthly newsletter or even an RSS feed. People can sign up to receive new job postings, company news and events, and blog posts delivered right to their Inbox.

Press Releases

There are some great online news distribution services available. These enable you to distribute press releases to multiple news outlets at a lower cost than via a public relations (PR) agency. However, with a PR agency you will have a better chance at receiving news coverage, as this is what a PR agency does best.

Whether you’re using an online news distribution service or a PR agency, keep in mind the importance of generating digital content that can be used on your website and social media networks, and of improving search engine optimization rankings of employer-related keywords.

Online news distribution services include PRWeb, Marketwire and CNW Group. Your distribution goals will dictate which service you use: PRWeb focuses on international and US distribution, whereas Marketwire and CNW Group can give you in-depth Canadian distribution.

Social Media


Facebook ads offer the ideal opportunity to promote your brand and job postings to potential candidates. You can target Facebook users by age, education level, interests and even geo-location, and then drive the clicks from these ads back to the careers page on your website.

The cost of using Facebook ads, which is minimal, is based on a daily budget set by the advertiser; the advertiser only pays when someone clicks on their ad.

This is referred to as the cost-per-click advertising (CPC) model. Unlike other social networks, there is no minimum or maximum media buy required.


LinkedIn is the go-to social network for professionals looking to broaden their business network. It offers a wide range of recruitment solutions to brands and recruiters; however, not all are accessible to smaller advertisers, as there is a minimum media buy required.

However, smaller advertisers can benefit from LinkedIn’s powerful job posting feature, which allows them to post a job within the LinkedIn job network. Starting at around $300 for a 30-day posting, this feature gives employers access to exactly who is viewing each job posting; the candidate’s title, industry and region are reported back to the advertiser.


Universities and colleges host annual events for employers to mix and mingle with graduates. Sponsoring these events is a great way of getting in front of young, hungry graduates who are looking for a career, and gives you the opportunity to speak directly with them about your corporate culture. However, if you can’t sponsor an event, you can still make your presence known before and at the event by using Twitter.

The event will likely have a hashtag for attendees to use for Twitter posts about the event. Use the hashtag leading up to and during the event, and be aware of any students who engage your brand. This is a great conversation starter when you meet the student at the event, as you’ve previously “spoken” online.

This engagement via Twitter will help to make your brand more approachable to new graduates. After the event, continue to use the hashtag as appropriate, and be sure to follow up with the students you met.

Digital marketing is a powerful, low-cost alternative tactic that, when employed within a digital recruitment strategy will save your organization money and find the right candidates with the right skills.

Kelly Robertson is a Vancouver-based marketing manager at a digital marketing agency. Kelly specializes in content marketing, public relations and digital HR recruitment strategies.