Humbled Trader Announces “HT Trading Community” for Traders Across The Globe

NEW YORK, June 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Trading the financial markets doesn’t always have to be a lonely pursuit. Being part of a community with like-minded people who share similar passions for learning and success can help a trader’s efficiency and improve their overall performance. Humbled Trader is one such organization that offers their “HT Trading Community” for traders across the globe to learn, connect and grow in a thriving and positive environment. 

The HT Trading Community is a premium learning community for day traders and swing traders around the world. Led by a team of professional traders, the HT Trading Community offers live market trading guidance, step-by-step video lessons, and extensive tools to help members hack the day trading learning curve. From awareness to mastery, HT’s community is with its members every step of the way.

The HT Trading Community 

The HT Trading Community is more than just a group of traders; it’s a community. The HT approach offers real learning, real connection, and real growth to each of the members. At the HT Trading Community, traders are stronger together than they are apart, striving to be better today than they were yesterday.

At The Humbled Trader Community, mentors believe in educating traders by providing live support and analysis. Members get access to an exclusive video library of over 100+ hours of content going over trading strategies for small-cap and large-cap stocks, risk management, trader psychology, and many more. The experienced team of full-time day trading and swing trading coaches at HT provide support and teach new traders “how to fish,” and become self-sufficient traders who can slowly compound trading accounts over time.

Members also get to attend live premarket planning sessions every single day, weekly live mentorship webinars, and connect with day traders and swing traders of all levels around the world on HT’s private Discord trading chatroom. Trading doesn’t have to be a lonely pursuit. From beginner traders to experienced individuals, the HT Trading Community offers learning, connection, and growth to each of their 1400+ community members.

Benefits of Joining the HT Trading Community 

  • Learn: The HT Trading Community believes that there is no magic formula or secret strategy for success. So, they don’t push members into being one type of trader. Instead, they offer the tools & resources needed to develop every members’ own trading style.
  • Connect: The right trading group can be the difference between incremental and exponential growth. The Humbled Trader global stocks trading community consists of over 1400+ new and experienced traders.
  • Grow: Becoming a successful day trader takes hard work, discipline, and consistency. The HT Trading Community provides their signature approach to traders that nurtures them into the traders they were born to be.


The Humbled Trader experience is about more than just coaching, tutorials, and watch lists. It’s an immersive experience that allows members to experience real growth from day one. With over 1400 active members – all at different stages in their trading journey – there’s a place for everyone in the HT Trading community!

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