HUSH inc.

Focusing on Best in Class Homebuyer Experience

HUSH builds some of the finest homes and communities in the Greater Toronto Area. However, ‘beautiful homes’ do not define what HUSH stands for. HUSH came together to provide best-in-class customer experience as the ultimate goal, and where the HUSH award-winning homes and communities serve only as the vehicle.

Naheel Suleman, President of HUSH Inc., told The Canadian Business Journal, “We created HUSH because we wanted to introduce a new, fresh way of building homes in the GTA. We looked at the entire process and we changed the focus from the ‘home’ to the ‘buyer’s experience’. Our product philosophically and literally changed from a home to an experience. This shift in thinking is what makes HUSH what it is. Our methodology is based on one single question — “Is this the best experience for our buyers?” not “What’s best for the bottom line?”, so we try very hard to provide a unique buyer’s experience.”

The company abides by its ‘provide best in class experience’ brand promise, and introduced a special methodology to ensure this promise is met. The methodology includes every aspect of the buyers’ life, from the time they sign up for the HUSH experience, through the building of their home, and the entire time they live in their home. “Our methodology includes every single aspect of the home building process; it is what makes us very different from our competition, we do not remove our clients from the home building process at any point, because this process is the experience and that is part of our product and promise. HUSH also engages with its buyers so it can learn about them and their lifestyles.” HUSH learns how its clients live and use their homes, whether they entertain, whether they receive many family visits, or whether they use their home as a private retreat, and so on; the company then designs the house to fit their lifestyle. “We do not ask our clients to fit their lifestyle in our predesigned home, rather we design the home to fit the buyer’s lifestyle,” says Suleman.

To assure client satisfaction, the company fractions and slows down the building and design process in order to provide clients with what they want, not with what is convenient for HUSH as a builder. “We make the process more about the education, focusing on different aspects of what goes into making a home.

For example, we do not run a Decor studio to choose from pre-selected builder samples, rather we take our clients to the different manufactures, whether its kitchen cabinets, doors, flooring, windows, and so on. Our buyer will learn from the designers and suppliers about the pros and cons of any chosen product.

HUSH breaks the design into small steps so clients do not feel rushed; so that they are being educated about what goes into building their home. HUSH takes its clients to the building site to see how their chosen designs visually look in a live, real setting. Buyers have the opportunity to make changes on the site to best fit their needs and to further refine their home. This is unheard of in the home building industry.”

Building Green

To stay on top of the latest technology and to satisfy its high-end clientele, HUSH implements the latest in the green technologies available in Green Packages — HUSH Green home™, HUSH Emerald Home™, HUSH Holistic Home™. “We have put together these packages that take into consideration different aspects of what ‘green’ means, so the buyers can make easy decisions. Here we also include a consultation with our specialists who help the clients to understand what various green features they are to receive in their home.”

Beyond Construction

HUSH’s job does not end with handing over the keys to the new home owner. The company provides support beyond construction, and the company’s relationship with the clients only passes onto the next stage. The company calls this phase Continued Support and Lifestyle Services. HUSH supports the home owners during their move in day and continues to offer services into the future, including offering an annual home inspection and outfit to ensure the home is always maintained and at peak performance. HUSH also offers full maintenance and home improvement packages, landscaping, and any other maintenance packages and services, including holiday lights, party planning and catering, at home services, and many more non-traditional out of the box concierge type services.

Current Projects

Mont Palais, inspired by French renaissance, is positioned alongside a ravine on the prestigious and highly-desirable Mississauga Road. This tranquil community of eleven elegant homes brings together simplicity of a French village, and embraces the graceful architecture of the Renaissance period. While styled from history, each home will be built with leading edge geothermal heating and cooling technology as a standard — an industry first for the GTA.

Alexandria, positioned between two highly sought-after Toronto locations, The Bridle Path and Post Road, is the first development of true townhomes in this area. No luxury has been neglected as these stately townhomes include private elevators, double underground private garages, rooftop gardens, multiple balconies and terraces, and the highest quality of interior finishes.

Located just minutes from the shores of Lake Ontario in South Oakville, Avalon captures the region’s restful spirit with simple, refined elegance, in a quiet community setting that embodies the spirit of town and country living. This development with a private road and 13 thoughtfully placed lots includes a private parkette that completes the natural comfort and elegance of this secluded cul-de-sac community.

Next to Avalon and steps to Lake Ontario, you will find The Gardens at Coronation, a community that offers natural serenity in the heart of town. The Gardens provides the very best of location and design, while fusing city and country living. Comfortable and private, while adjacent to the convenient city life, the community incorporates modern innovation enveloped in the style of subtle English sophistication.

HUSH Homes continues to hit the cord with the growing high-end clienteles in Toronto and GTA, serving those who seek a truly personal experience when buying a custom home.