Imbrium Systems

Advancing technology to keep critical water resources clean

Protecting water resources from pollution can be a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it. Imbrium Systems, an innovative green-tech company, is up for the task and ready to take on the most complex and difficult pollutants.

Imbrium Systems designs and develops storm water treatment products and offers them to commercial and municipal clients, helping them to stay compliant with government regulations.

The company invented and marketed the exceptional Stormceptor oil and sediment separator, and has now done 30,000 worldwide installations of the technology. It also prides itself on newer technologies that its believes will catch on just as quickly, such as the Jellyfish fine sediment filter, SorbtiveMEDIA and SortiveFILTER for phosphorus removal.

As part of a booming storm water industry in North America, Imbrium Systems is committed to advancing storm water technologies, and the company’s advanced Research and Development Centre in Toronto continues to develop and evaluate a range of leading storm water treatment technologies through its partnerships with top educational institutions, government groups and storm water experts.

Scott Perry, President and CEO of Imbrium, explains that having the most advanced R&D staff and facilities on the company’s side really boosts its ability to be a leader in storm water treatments.  “We have a 30,000-square-foot R&D facility, which includes an analytical facility, and we have three PhDs on staff. Having advanced technologies, always looking towards continuous improvement, and product performance validation has always put us above our competitors,” Perry reasons. He adds that those companies trying to enter the market are after a share of the market distribution or are looking to manufacture, but are not necessarily focused on the true green-tech principles of storm water management: “They’re not focused on the principles of water treatment. They’re selling, rather than being concerned about the environmental impact of storm water and its effects.”

And that’s what gives Imbrium the edge above competition—its focus, commitment, and drive towards innovation.


Originally, the Stormceptor technology was developed by the father of Imbrium’s current owner. These days, Stormceptor systems are seen as having set the bar for removing oil and sediment (including fine particles) from storm water, and preventing stored contaminants from being re-suspended and reaching natural waterways.

Stormceptor is available for a full range of options and can offer a wide variety of capabilities. The technology was first introduced in 1991, and following its plus-30,000 global installations, the company is still committed to enhancing this technology even further, to serve a suite of storm water treatment needs.
Currently, municipalities such as the City of Toronto, Simcoe County and the City of Calgary are recognizing the need to improve water treatment processes, and are thus approaching Imbrium for help. Perry says that although there is a new customer base for Imbrium’s SorbtiveMEDIA and SortiveFILTER systems, Stormceptor is “definitely our flagship product.”

For the time being, the company says it continues to “introduce new system models and engineering innovations to the Stormceptor technology platform” as the company advances its younger technologies.

Staying on the cutting edge

The important thing for a company like Imbrium in the green-tech business is to be ahead of the curve in technology, but also to recognize an opportunity in the industry when it’s there.

Because so many municipalities are recognizing the importance of advanced water treatment processes, it’s going to be key for Imbrium to know when to jump. Perry says that Imbrium will continue to stay on top of water treatment policy issues so that when there is a need for a new water treatment system, Imbrium will be ready.

“With any water body that’s impaired and struggling with algae blooms and phosphorous issues, [municipalities] are going to have to turn to advanced technologies—whether they’re ours or someone else’s. We’re progressive, so as policy is working to address the issues, we’re positioning ourselves to help water issues get back on track,” Perry explains.

Looking into the future

Imbrium is well-positioned to offer the most cutting-edge technologies in the storm water treatment industry. Its technologies fit the bill for many different jurisdictional or development needs (whether industrial or commercial)—basically any time there’s storm water hitting the pavement.

Imbrium prides itself on “being a green-tech, clean-tech type company,” Perry says. “We’re always looking for means to reduce our environmental footprint.”
He adds that SorptiveMEDIA is a true “green” technology because it, ironically, prevents green algae blooms. The company looks to continue advancing these newer products for a bigger breadth of applications. The newer products are more expensive, Perry says, but as the needs of customers grow, those customers can expect more from the advanced technologies.

“We as a society have not addressed existing issues, let alone the constant increase in development,” he says, adding that basic slow growth and development will “afford significant growth for our business.”

There are a few critical things for Imbrium as the company looks forward to a new era of storm water treatment. Perry says that the company’s longevity in the marketplace, technological understanding and knowledge of the issues are really what will keep Imbrium at the top of its game for years to come.

Imbrium’s drive to be innovative and green-tech focused has enabled the company to be a leader in the storm water industry. Being in one core business only—storm water treatment systems—has allowed the company to focus on its technology and continuous improvement. “We’re not getting sidetracked with things that aren’t core to our business,” Perry affirms.

The industry can trust that Imbrium will always be at the leading edge of storm water treatment, and thank goodness for that. As Canada moves to keep its water resources in tact, Imbrium Systems will be there, getting its hands dirty.