Impact of U.S. Tariffs Already Noticeable

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CBJ — The impact of the U.S. tariffs on steel and aluminum has had immediate impacts. The government of Quebec is planning on offering help to its province’s steel producers as they fight to remain competitive with the new 25% surtax being added for shipments to the U.S.A 10% tariff was also placed on aluminum products.

Meanwhile the head of the Canadian Steel Producers Association says his group isn’t asking for government money to help its members deal with new U.S. tariffs — at least not yet.

CSPA President Joseph Galimberti has already met with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Canada, Mexico and the EU had been given a temporary reprieve from the Trump administration’s tariffs, but that ended on June 1.

Canada has threatened to impose retaliatory tariffs of up to $16.6 billion on some steel and aluminum products and other smaller items from the U.S. beginning July 1.


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