Industrial Rubber Company

Leader in Rubber Moulding

Bathurst, N.B.-based Industrial Rubber Company is a leading rubber manufacturer serving the mining, chemical, pulp and paper, and defense industries. Through its 35-year history, Industrial Rubber Company has emerged as the choice provider of rubber mould products, protections, and coatings for railcars, tanks, vessels, and piping for the heavy industrial sector.

Started by a small team of five employees, the company has seen steady growth over the years and is today lead by President Barry Kyle, who spoke with The Canadian Business Journal about the various markets that the company serves as well as Industrial Rubber Company’s plans for the future.

Initially serving the mining industry, Industrial Rubber Company grew its presence and reputation in the resources marketplace, as a distributor of rubber coating products such as hoses and fittings, belting, piping, valves, and conveyor belts. The company has continued to concentrate on the mining sector over the years, and as a result has grown its strength across other elements of the resources sector, particularly in the oil and gas industry in Newfoundland and Labrador.

“We have concentrated on mining but there have many off-chutes in our 35 years where we have branched off into other areas, mainly the oil and gas sector,” Kyle explained. “We have had controlled, secular growth, and we have concentrated on four or five particular areas where we see growth. Mining is our No. 1 area.

“Given our location on the East Coast, we have diversified with a plant in Labrador, which looks after the mining industry in that area, plus our plant in St. John’s, which manages oil and gas. Our plant here in New Brunswick looks after all the heavy industrial in the Maritimes. As a company, our uniqueness is that we want to be the first to the customer, where service is our hallmark and being next door to the customer has a big benefit and has proven to be very successful.”

Military Supplies

In 1986, Industrial Rubber Company signed a major contract with the Canadian Department of Defense to supply military vehicle track refurbishment and to expand specialized molding and lining capabilities within these facilities. Today, the company has established its reputation with defense industry clients situated worldwide, serving rubber moulding technologies to clients across South America and Germany. More recently, Industrial Rubber Company was awarded a $115 million contract from the Government of Canada to refit leopard tanks for the Department of Defense.

It is the skill set, dedication, reliability, and overall client satisfaction that has made Industrial Rubber Company into the manufacturer and supplier of choice for a range of defense and industrial clients. Industrial Rubber Company continues to invest in its patented processes, research and development, as well as a timely expansion of new products and services to continue offering a desirable and innovative end product to its growing marketplace.

“In the last five years, we have opened two new plants. We are strategically located to look after New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland and Labrador, where we cover a wide region of about three million people,” Kyle detailed. “We are well covered right now in Atlantic Canada. The next growth will likely come from the mining industry in South America.”

Industrial Rubber Company is primarily involved in the military and mining sectors, steadily supplying new and refurbished products to these industries. The company has established a healthy and competitive balance in operating in various industries, offering different product lines that keep the company strong.

“The military business has been fairly busy for us and it has offset some of the other industries when the recession happened, so we were lucky to have a balance of different product lines to get us through some of the ups and downs over the years, so we have been fairly steady,” Kyle summarized.

Steady Growth

Committed to producing the highest quality rubber mould products, Industrial Rubber Company continues to exceed client expectations from both a product and service perspective. Diverse in offering a wide selection of products, Industrial Rubber Company still recognizes the need to support its clients with the highest degree of service and customer value. Industrial Rubber Company has built an established, growing and well-respected brand across the industries in which it operates.

“I have two sons finishing university and I am hoping that over the next few years they see some avenues where the company should be, growing the company into different items that we could manufacture in the future which we may not be manufacturing right now,” Kyle concluded. “I think the younger generation of the company is going to be our driving force into new business segments.”