Industry Disruptor Acropolis Organics Wins in NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition with its Bioharvest EVOO Series

Industry Disruptor Acropolis Organics Wins in NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition with its Bioharvest EVOO Series

Toronto, Canada, May 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Acropolis Organics, a family-owned olive oil producer from Crete Greece with headquarters in Toronto Canada, is today announcing that their Bioharvest EVOO Series has been chosen by a panel of olive oil experts as a winning entry in the annual NYIOCC contest, which is a leading resource for  consumers when it comes to  understanding olive varieties, taste selections and quality indicators that make up a winning brand of EVOO.

Acropolis Organics Bioharvest Series is produced using the same traditional, chemical-free, and bio-sustainable farming methods as those used in its certified organic EVOO selections, but the company has disrupted the constraints of the organic foods industry by bypassing the organic certification process to provide budget-friendly options to consumers.  

“We want a single mother with three kids and one job to be able to bring health to her kitchen table,” says Panagiotis Tsiriotakis, President and Founder of Acropolis Organics. “What sets us apart is that we offer both a Certified Organic EVOO as well as the Bioharvest EVOO, which allows us to introduce pricing flexibility into a prohibitively expensive organic food market without sacrificing quality or taste.“

Given that Canadian food prices will increase 3% to 5% next year due to the economic impacts of the pandemic, according to Canada’s Food Price Report, providing consumers with an EVOO that is affordable, environmentally friendly,  and without pesticides and additives—while also award-winning!— is now more important than ever.

The olive oil sector has faced challenges in recent years due to the unscrupulous producers infecting the market with adulterated oils, causing distrust in consumers in terms of olive oil authenticity. “Honestly, I would never buy another olive oil again. This is the real deal,” says George Kotanidis, a longtime Acropolis Organics customer.

Each bottle of Acropolis Organics Bioharvest EVOO comes with a Protected Designation certificate certified by third parties to prove the origin claims of the product. Acropolis Organics Bioharvest EVOO is produced in the family estate in Vouves, Crete—home to the world’s oldest olive tree. Over a million bottles have been sold.

Acropolis Organics Bioharvest EVOO can be purchased through the company website at, or at retailers across Canada and the United States.

About Acropolis Organics

Acropolis Organics is a family-owned company founded in 2004 by Panagiotis Tsiriotakis.  Using traditional, ecological methods passed down from generation to generation, the company offers pure and sustainably sourced olive oils, olives, and balsamic vinegars grown in the family estate in Crete, Greece to families throughout North America.  Acropolis Organics is founded on the belief that there are no shortcuts to great taste and healthful ingredients. Acropolis Organics is committed to providing wholesome products that are good for you.


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