Information Technology Association of Canada

The Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC) is the voice of the Canadian information and communications technologies (ICT) industry. ITAC represents a diverse ICT community spanning telecommunications and internet services, ICT consulting services, hardware, microelectronics, software and electronic content.

Located in Mississauga, Ontario, ITAC is a prominent advocate for the expansion of its own industry and for stronger productivity across all sectors through the strategic use of technology. Proving its worth to members, the ITAC community of company accounts for more than 70 per cent of the 572,000 jobs, $140.5 billion in revenue, $6 billion in R&D investment, $31.4 billion in exports and $11.4 billion in capital expenditures the ICT industry contributes annually to the Canadian economy.
Reaching its potential

In order for the Canadian ICT sector to realize its full potential, ITAC believes it requires an innovation ecosystem made up of skilled workers, capital investment, technological capability, a competitive tax regime and full adoption of ICT by both government and the private sector.
Thus, its six prioriies are the following.

Global competitiveness of Canada’s knowledge economy: Set targets for where Canada’s knowledge economy should be compared to key peer/competitor nations.

ICT adoption: Canadian businesses should be leaders in use of ICT for competitive advantage, productivity and growth. ITAC works to ensure public policy supports this goal.

Public sector procurement: Ensure Federal, Ontario and other Canadian governments are leaders in ICT use. The aim is to position ITAC as a trusted advisor to government. The association wants to make it easier for our industry to sell to government, and believes government should buy outcomes not inputs, value not price.

eHealth: The Canadian healthcare system should be a world-leading user of ICT to achieve superior patient outcomes and cost-effectiveness, as well as fostering development of a world-leading Canadian health ICT industry.

Smart regulation: Ensure Canada’s laws promote leadership in development and use of advanced technology.

Talent: ITAC believes that in order for Canada to continue to compete worldwide, it needs to promote policies that will ensure a steady supply of talented men and women for the local ICT industry. ITAC works with industry as well as with Federal, Provincial and local governments to establish initiatives to support this goal.

As the hub of Canada’s information and communications technology, ITAC devotes a great deal of energy, thought and discourse to these aspirations. The belief is that the tools, products and services that the industry produces are enablers of prosperity, innovation, equality and excellence in all dimensions of modern life. The end goal is stronger nation and a better world.