International Food Expo Coming to N.J. and L.A.

As the largest Asian food expo designed and organized for manufacturers and exporters of agro, processed and frozen food products from Asia, Canada, the U.S. and Mexico, the International Food Expo will be making two main stops in the United States this year. A total of 49 countries – including Canada – will be represented at the event.
Market Samachar LLC, publisher of the “Market Samachar” trade magazine which focuses exclusively on the ethnic food business in North America, has announced its annual trade shows for 2014 – the International Food Expo (IFE).

As noted, there will be two shows this year.  The first will be held at the New Jersey Expo Center in Edison NJ, from Wednesday June 25 to Friday June 27, 2014; and the second one will be held at the Fairplex in Pomona CA, from Thursday November 6 to Saturday November 8, 2014.

The International Food Expo, as the name suggests, is a multi-national food show designed and organized specifically for the Asian ethnic food market in North America. It provides a unique opportunity for exhibitors to expand their presence and market share in the North American ethnic food business.

This year, a Chinese delegation, organized by the Foreign Economic Cooperation Center of the Department of Agriculture of China, will attend the June 2014 IFC held in Edison, New Jersey. The delegation consists of 34 companies and institutions from Jiangsu Province, Anhui Province, Guangxi Province and Shanxi Province in China. Items to be exhibited include processed fruits and vegetables, snacks and specialties, cooking oil, dried fruits and more.

The Philippines Department of Agriculture, a Platinum Sponsor of the 2013 show, was the organizer of the record-breaking Philippine delegation that generated $1.588 million in orders during their first participation at the IFE last year.

The show enables overseas manufacturers, exporters, North American importers, distributors, supermarket buyers & brokers, retailers, restaurant owners, food service operators, material handling equipment manufacturers, transporters, and virtually everyone associated with the American ethnic food trade to meet in a single place with their prospective clientele from the industry, to introduce new products and services and to open up new vistas for expanding their business at the lowest cost possible. As an added convenience to attendees, the venues chosen for both shows are near the largest ethnic food market on both the east and west coast.

“Our world today has really become a global village. The line between ethnic and main-stream American food is also becoming less distinct.

Foods that were once considered ethnic are now common parts of the American meal. Food choices and food habits are becoming common among different ethnic groups. We believe the best way to position oneself in this changing environment is through the medium of a trade show. The International Food Expo promotes the spirit of free markets in its purest form and provides a platform where participants from several countries can get together, forge alliances and new business relationships in person (as compared to online business), feel the pulse and direction of the market, and gain an advantage in positioning oneself in the newly emerging marketplace,” says Bharat Joshi, the chief organizer of the International Food Expo.

This year’s show builds on the success of previous years and features new exhibitors from several Asian countries, such as China, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India. In meeting and negotiating with attendees such as supermarket buyers, national brokers, importers and distributors, and retailers and restaurant owners from USA, Canada, and the Caribbean islands among other countries, exhibitors of previous shows introduced and tested the acceptance of their product range in the market, expanded their markets, recognized development trends in the industry and promoted ethnic food products. This year, the IFE will arrange buyers to meet exhibitors according to their product category, and will offer a newly designed seminar for exporters on “Requirements of USFDA” for ethnic foods manufactures.

Joshi, a 30-year veteran of the ethnic food industry and the publisher of the “Market Samachar” trade magazine, is the chief organizer of the IFC.

“Organizing the four previous trade shows has given us lots of insight and ideas about what works and how we can help business succeed,” he says. “Hands-on experience in the industry yields to our deep understanding of the exporters’ and buyers’ expectations and requirements, which is proved in the success of previous shows. We are confident that this year’s shows will succeed on a much grander scale.”

“We encourage everyone, both startups and established businesses, to take this unique opportunity to build contacts, exchange new ideas and to strengthen existing relationship, and thus to enhance their business,”

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