Interwork Technologies Inc.

Technology distributors

Interwork Technologies, a specialty distributor of security solutions, unified communications, IT management software, cloud computing, and storage solutions is actively building upon the business growth it has achieved in recent years.

Beginning in 1991 by selling security and IT management solutions to resellers across Canada, Interwork Technologies now has offices in Ottawa, Toronto, and nearby Buffalo, N.Y., as well as a pair of remote American offices (Colorado and Texas). Over the years, Interwork Technologies has emerged as the premier value-added distributor for leading technologies.

Business growth

Through expansion of its product line and in continuing to bring more products to the market, the business of Interwork Technologies has grown, so much in fact that the company grew through the recent economic recession as well. The company has expanded from its initial product offering of security and IT management solutions to also offer unified communications (VoIP), as well as cloud computing and electronic storage solutions.

A strong partner to its value-added resellers, customers appreciate the flexibility of Interwork Technologies. With the industry demanding better alternatives during the recession, particularly from a price and service perspective, so that customers could distributor to their end users, Interwork Technologies felt it was best suited to deliver on this because it can out-service any distributor in the market.

As such, Interwork Technologies actively pursues business growth opportunities both domestically and in the United States. Gaining so much American momentum, sales in the United States last year matched that of Canada, and that is just one trend that Interwork Technologies only expects will continue.

Such lofty achievements aligns with Interwork Technologies’ goal to double its revenue over the next three years, through the introduction more innovative products and solutions within the marketplace, and then to double that number again within the next five years. Interwork Technologies has implemented aggressive growth and expansion plans to continue the growth it has achieved in recent years.

“Our goal is to continue to bring innovative products and solutions to the market and incorporate security technology in every aspect of our offerings,” Joe Graci, President and General Manager of Interwork Technologies Inc., told The Canadian Business Journal. “We’re essentially sticking with our roots [in security technology], but in every technology that is out there today, security is prevalent and it is only becoming more and more important.”

Interwork Technologies has also established an overriding goal to aid innovative companies, particularly Canadian startup companies, in launching products into the marketplace.

“We feel there are great technology companies that can use a distribution partner to help scale their business, reduce their costs, and access new markets, especially in small- to medium-sized business,” summarized Graci. “Our growth plan also includes expanding our presence in the online world using e-commerce platforms and using social media to build deeper connections with our customers.”

Value-added resellers

The technology industry is expansive, and Interwork Technologies has established a market niche by providing its value-added resellers with excellent value, exceptional customer service, expert advice, and innovative products, all at an affordable price.

“For our vendor partners, we provide them with the ability to scale their business by consolidating the buying needs of resellers,” Graci summarized. “This results in reduced product fulfillment costs, which frees up cash flow for the vendor, which allows them to more efficiently serve the small- to medium-sized business market, opening up new business opportunities.”

Already establishing partnerships with innovative companies such as Scale, Aastra, WatchGuard, and Trend Micro, Interwork Technologies also looks to its customer base to identify new, additional business partners.

Today, providing to more than 2,000 value-added resellers across North America, serving the small- to medium-sized business markets, Interwork Technologies partners with these technology manufacturers by distributing their solutions to value-added resellers. Graci mused, “The biggest problem we have right now is that our customers want to buy more for us, which means we have to continue looking for new and innovative products and solutions to bring to the market.”

Cloud computing

Cloud computing represents the future of the technology industry, and it is certainly an aspect that Interwork Technologies is excited about. Described as an industry “game changer”, cloud computing will impact many companies in that it is such a technological shift in any already rapidly involving industry.

Cloud computing involves the sharing of resources, software, and information, as well as data access and storage, via a network without needing knowledge of file location details or computing infrastructure.

“It changes business models, the way buying decisions are made, and moves IT assets from the balance sheet to the income statement,” Graci concluded.

“We have a cloud computing strategy and plan to be more active in providing innovative products and solutions to the market. We will be investing more and more into the cloud.”