Introducing Vancouver Superfood Powders by Pura: Simple Solutions for Superior Health

VANCOUVER, BC–(Marketwired – March 01, 2018) – Vancouver superfood powder company offers premium organic formulas tailored to those who want to get lean and clean

As Vancouver’s newest health food manufacturers, the team at are attempting to create a niche among people who passionately believe that the right food is the key to living longer, healthier lives. With offerings like their Barley Grass Organic Powder and Wheatgrass Organic Powder, these formulations are tailored to consumers who want superfood powders that are more natural and plant-based for benefits that go way beyond muscle building.

Helping people who want to bulk out isn’t the market that Pura wants to target. It’s not about gulping down protein wrapped in artificial flavours, sweeteners, and emulsifiers. Rather, their target market is consumers who want concentrated, yet natural superfood powders that are wholesome and substance-free.

Take Pura’s Organic Chlorella Powder. As a blue-green algae native to Taiwan and Japan, chlorella contains dense phytonutrients that prevent disease, fight ageing, and promote heart health. It’s one of the most potent sources of chlorophyll, which enhances the body’s detoxification process. And as far as benefits go, chlorella has been shown to boost energy, improve digestion and metabolism, and reduce blood pressure.

As an overall solution for better health and wellness, chlorella is ideal. And Pura has improved it with a broken cell wall formulation that is easier for the body to absorb.

For those targeting rich iron and protein content, Pura also makes a Spirulina Organic Powder while their kale formula is great for those targeting foods with serious anti-inflammatory properties.

As a local business, Pura believes in delivering only the best nutrition. All their superfood powders are cultivated under low heat with minimal processing to maintain the highest quality and nutrient content possible.

About the Company

Pura creates all-natural supplements and plant-based products of the highest and cleanest quality. Every formula is designed with the same passion and energy people need to jumpstart their journey to improved health. We are relentless when it comes to nutrition and only use superfoods, whole fruits, veggies, and botanicals that have been clinically researched to boost the immune system against illness and keep individuals healthy and fit.

To learn more about Pura as well as their all-natural supplements and plant-based superfood powders, please visit: or call 604-222-6666.