InvestmentPitch Media Video Discusses THC BioMed’s Launch of Sales and Exports of its Patented “Clone Shipper” Product to Asia

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, March 02, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — THC BioMed Intl (CSE:THC) (OTCQB:THCBF) (FSE:TFHD), one of Canada’s oldest licensed producers of medical and recreational cannabis, has started sales and export of its patented Clone Shipper containers to Asia. The innovative Clone Shipper container’s patented design enables plants, especially clones or young plants, to be shipped safely while nurturing the plant in the growing process.

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The reusable container, built to last for multiple shipments, comes with a new opaque lid and an LED light, designed to last for a minimum of 100 hours. The virtually indestructible container is manufactured in North America and can be purchased online at or in Asia through THC BioMed Thailand.

John Miller, President and CEO, stated: “THC BioMed is incredibly pleased to have entered the Asian medical cannabis market while it is still in its infancy. THC BioMed anticipates massive growth in the Asian medical cannabis sector and is well-positioned to embrace what has the potential to be the largest medical cannabis market in the world.”

With its cultivation and production based in Kelowna, B.C., including a proprietary extraction system, THC was first licensed to deal with cannabis in 2013 under a Health Canada Section 56 exemption under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and has been a Licensed Producer under the current regime since 2016.

THC BioMed, a small batch Licensed Producer passionate about using organic and sustainable growing methods, operates in a sophisticated complex of indoor growing space in small rooms with the desired light, temperature, and humidity. The process is mainly done by hand, from watering, cannabis harvesting, to flower trimming, allowing the company to focus on high-quality, high-potency products including dry flower, edibles, beverages, pre-rolls along with a number of genetic strains which it sells to Canada’s medical and recreational cannabis markets.

The shares are currently trading at $0.075. For more information, please visit, contact John Miller, President & CEO, at 1-844-842-6337 or email [email protected].


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