New York, New York, Jan. 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Iovate Health Sciences International, Inc., under its nationally recognized Purely Inspired nutrition brand, has announced rebrand efforts today with a nationally distributed ad campaign. This announcement was made after a thorough and rigorous process designed to grow and amplify one of the leading providers of nutritional products in the space. Iovate Health Sciences unveils a new look and feel to Purely Inspired’s hero products, including but not limited to: Organic Plant-Based Protein, Collagen Peptides, and Organic Greens. At the heart of Purely Inspired’s rebrand is a rehaul of packaging that further solidifies their dedication to accessible nutrition for all. In addition, in partnership with creative agency 72andSunny New York, Purely Inspired will release a marketing campaign, “Do What Makes You Feel Good” consisting of films and accompanying social assets. “As we transition into the New Year, our partnership with 72andSunny marks a transformative milestone for Purely Inspired in the digital space. Since the brand’s inception, we have built a strong reputation for quality and innovation, and this is reflected in the execution of Purely Inspired and 72andSunny’s efforts. Purely Inspired’s concept supports the brand’s mission of inclusivity, accessibility and relatability. This partnership is a testament to Iovate Health Sciences’ drive to be leaders, at the forefront of the industry,” said Jarrod Jordan, Chief Marketing Officer at Iovate Health Sciences International, Inc., the parent company of the Purely Inspired brand. “Any effort, no matter how small, deserves recognition,” said Ian Hart, Creative Director, 72andSunny New York. “Working with our rather brave clients, we were able to take an authentic approach that swam against the category’s current of all-or-nothing fitness. We gave credit to those who want to give some, a little, or even the bare minimum in their fitness goals.” 72andSunny is led by Chief Executive Officer Evin Shutt and has been recognized as one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies for two years in a row and is a two-time “Agency of the Year” winner for Advertising Age and Adweek.Purely Inspired believes that everyone deserves the benefits of quality nutrition and strives to provide people with high quality, affordable nutrition that they can feel good out.  All Purely Inspired nutritional products are free of artificial flavors, colors and sweeteners in addition to being non GMO, gluten free and soy free. Purely Inspired products are all available for purchase on, and select retailers across the nation. For more information on Purely Inspired products, visit Follow us at /PurelyInspiredNutrition on Facebook, @PISupplements on Twitter, and @purelyinspirednutrition on Instagram for product information, news and updates, special promotions, and more. About Purely Inspired:At Purely Inspired®, we know it’s the first steps, the simple wins and the guilty pleasures that bring the most joy. That’s why we design our products to fit all of life’s moments.  With pure, delicious ingredients and an affordable price tag, you can reward yourself for a job well done. So, do what makes you feel good, with nutrition you can trust by your side.From our Organic Plant-based Program to our Non-GMO Collagen Program to our Organic Superfoods program, we are proud to be leaders in accessible nutrition, designed to support you on your wellness journey, whether you are well on your way or just beginning. Every Purely Inspired product is made with clean and pure high quality ingredients to improve your overall health and well-being, and offered in a variety of convenient formats to compliment healthy and active lifestyles.  Celebrate your commitment to well-being for yourself, your family and your community by incorporating Purely Inspired products into your routine. Here’s to well-being for all!About Iovate Health Sciences International Inc. Iovate Health Sciences International Inc. (“Iovate”) is a dynamic, leading-edge nutritional supplement company that delivers some of the highest quality, most innovative and effective active nutrition products in the world. Due to our commitment to research, development and innovation, we’ve been globally recognized as one of the leading sports nutrition brands in the industry, and continue to be one of the elite brands redefining performance through cutting-edge products and high-quality ingredients. Headquartered in Oakville, Ontario, Canada and with offices in New York, New York, Iovate is a family of more than 300 employees, six leading nutritional brands and growing, with effective products that can be found across the globe.About 72andSunny: 72andSunny is a global creative agency that believes unignorable creativity is the most powerful force in business. With offices in Amsterdam, Los Angeles, New York, Singapore and Sydney, 72andSunny is on a mission to expand and diversify the creative class. 72andSunny has been recognized as one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies for two years in a row and is a two-time “Agency of the Year” winner for Advertising Age and Adweek. For more information, visit Abuan
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