Is A Major Global Carbon Diet Realistic?

carbon dioxide

CBJ — An historic climate agreement was reached by nearly 200 nations in Paris this past weekend, but now comes the hard part – actually executing a massive carbon diet that aims to remove more than 7 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide from going into the air.  It won’t be easy — and it certainly won’t be cheap, which is why some are already speculating that countries will invariably stray off course.

In addition to the 7 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide that needs to be kept out of the environment the countries pledged to limit global warming to about another one degree Celsius from now (or 2 C measuring against the pre-industrial average global surface temperature) — and if they can, only half that.

In practice it means the world as a whole will need to emit almost zero greenhouse gases by 2070 to reach the one-degree goal.

The world’s biggest polluter — China — will eventually have to make the biggest cuts. Without any efforts to limit global warming, the world would have warmed by 3.5 degrees Celsius from now by 2100, according to Climate Interactive.


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