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iTech 2013 Hits Montreal and Toronto


For techno geeks and general enthusiasts looking to find out more about emerging Internet technologies, iTech is a can’t miss annual conference. It takes place in Montreal on May 14 before heading west to Toronto two days later. In the fall, the conference picks up in Edmonton on Oct. 8 and finally Vancouver on Oct. 10.

Among those slated to give keynote addresses include: Dr. David Chalk and Chris Pratt.  Dr. Chalk is an award-winning entrepreneur and cyber terrorism expert. Pratt works in strategic initiatives with IBM.

Pratt will deliver the opening keynote bright and early at 8am. He has national responsibility for managing IBM’s activities in the areas of high-performance computing, virtualization and other emerging technologies.

During his 30 years with the company, Pratt has been a key member of the firm’s IT strategies and deployment. Some of his past work has involved solution design, project management and support of large organizations in their deployment of cutting-edge technology to enhance business. He’s also spent considerable time focused on IT optimization and was a founding member of IBM’s Worldwide Server Consolidation Group, where he obtained a patent as a co-author of the company’s ALIGN Methodology.

With the evolving technological revolution, computing devices today have expanded well beyond the static data centre and as such are changing the nature of what information technology systems are all about. There are close to 6 billion mobile phones in the world which opens up a plethora of opportunities for businesses that are willing to embrace being on the cutting edge of new systems, and almost assuredly gaining a substantial advantage over the competition.
Traditional computing is constrained in this environment by the amount of time, effort and money spent maintaining the current environment and addressing ever growing complexity. As a result, organizations are having an increasingly difficult time developing IT capabilities that can keep pace with these new demands, creating a barrier of time, cost, and risk.

Integrated systems like IBM’s PureSystems combine the flexibility of a general purpose system, the elasticity of cloud and simplicity of an appliance tuned to the workload – fundamentally changing the experience and economics of IT. In this session you will hear IBM’s vision for the data centre of the future.

The other keynote speaker will be David Chalk, regarded by many as the world’s leading expert on Cyber Terrorism. He’s also a successful entrepreneur and technology visionary. He’s also been the host of the Dave Chalk Computer TV show for the past 12 years. Overall, Chalk has been giving advice on TV, the radio and now Internet for more than 30 years. He says his goal is to empower people with information – because information is knowledge.

Chalk’s success seems even more incredible upon finding out he grew up with a severe form of dyslexia. Because of that, he thinks in pictures rather than words. Despite such an immense challenge, Chalk developed strong communications skills and was able to overcome his learning disabilities by recognizing how to utilize the strength of thinking differently.

Chalk has received a Doctorate Degree in Technology, a YEO Entrepreneur of the year award, the Yahoo! Award for Design innovation, Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year award, the Top 40 under 40 Entrepreneur award, Retail Councils Top Marketer award, Top 100 companies to work for award, BM Retail award for Excellence in Managing, Equity Magazine Leader for the Next Millennium award and a Freddie Award for Best International Educational Documentary:

An insight into life with Dyslexia & learning disabilities.

Cyber-attacks and data breaches now occur on a daily basis across all business sectors. Everyone is potentially at risk, from financial institutions to nuclear plants to small businesses and government organizations. Protecting customer databases and intellectual property is standard practice, but what if you don’t know you are under attack? Undetected — subversive – cyber-attacks have emerged as a leading tactic for hackers; with the real possibility of a data breach already completed or in progress, organizations must now look inward to determine if information and operations have been compromised.

Chalk will hold a frank discussion of the threat we face as potential targets for hackers, criminals, foreign governments and activists.  He will also touch on cyber-attack techniques, the threat to critical infrastructure and cyber-preparedness strategies. Attendees will gain a clear picture of the current state of cyber warfare and be empowered to initiate the steps necessary to prepare for and recover from a cyber-attack.

Chalk has been working with disruptive technologies for several decades and is considered the only expert on leading edge cyber terrorism in North America. He has recently concentrated his work in the area of cyber security and defense, and consults business and government on the prevention of cyber warfare.

The first stop on the four-city iTech tour is at the Palais des Congrès de Montréal on Tuesday, May 14.  Two days later the event heads west to Toronto’s International Centre.  The western stops take place in the fall, first at Edmonton’s Northlands Coliseum on Oct. 8 before wrapping up at the Vancouver Convention Centre on Oct. 10.