January 11

Happy New Year, dear readers.

We bring you this first issue of 2011 with an eye to the future, and a commitment to continue promoting Canadian business.

Being in business in Canada means that sometimes, you have to make difficult decisions and face challenges without any time for preparation. It also means taking a stand on issues that are important to you—even if it means that you will face backlash from those in disagreement. We often hear that businesses in Canada are the most innovative, and the most resilient, because not only are we ready for change on a moment’s notice, but Canadians are not afraid to take sides when it means something. Our reputation for being wishy-washy couldn’t be further from reality. Any of the people we’ve interviewed in this issue will demonstrate that—especially in our cover story. CBJ is proud to bring you the voices speaking up on behalf of the Canadian oilsands, who are happy to agree with us that not only are the oilsands critical to future Canadian economic growth, but also a true example of how Canadian energy businesses are not only innovative, but also sustainable.

This coming year, we are going to tackle issues around sustainability one concept at a time, in our Sustainability Series. There are thousands of experts to call on in this area, and we will speak to them in the coming months. We will also bring you, in 2011, an astounding lineup of special features and focuses, and will also introduce some new names to our masthead. We hope you are looking forward to the changes and developments 2011 will bring as much as we are.

If there is any indication of what 2011 will look like, from a business perspective, it is within the pages of this issue. From stories in all Canadian business sectors to updates on news and business issues and events, everything you need to read about as you plunge into the New Year is in our January magazine.

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