Join us for World Psychedelics Day – June 20th (6·20)

Vancouver, June 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — World Psychedelics Day (WPD), is an annual event dedicated to building awareness of, and respect for, the therapeutic and life-enhancing potential of psychedelics. Taking place Sunday, June 20th, 6·20, WPD honours the breakthroughs in scientific research and Indigenous psychoactive plant medicines which gave rise to the “Psychedelic Renaissance”.

“World Psychedelics Day offers people the opportunity to seek out truthful information about psychedelics, to discover those who are knowledgeable, qualified by deep research, or their own experience, who can share useful insights,” says Dr. Andrew Weil, Director of the Andrew Weil University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine and Spokesperson for World Psychedelics Day.

This year’s virtual event, produced by the International Psychedelics Awareness Foundation, showcases a stellar line up of thought leaders from across the psychedelic spectrum, with Amanda Feilding, Dr. Andrew Weil, Wade Davis, Rick Doblin, Dr. Gabor Maté, Paul Stamets, Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, Rabbi Zac Kamanetz, Dr. Matthew Johnson, Dr. Rosalind Watts, Dr. Dennis McKenna, Dr. Ketan Patel, Zoe Helene, Nan Shuni Giron, and Sandor Iron Rope, among the 40+ experts on 15 panels, joining us from prestigious research centers at Harvard, Yale, Johns Hopkins, UCLA, and Imperial College (just to name a few), all speaking on their specialist subject matters to mark the occasion.  

Themes slated for this year’s World Psychedelics Day include:

·         Breakthroughs in scientific research and clinical trials

·         Global legalization and decriminalization milestones

·         Harm reduction and the ethics of psychedelic-assisted therapy

·         The applications of psychedelic-assisted therapy

·         Anticipated adoption of psychedelics in the pharmaceutical industry

·         Environmental protection of psychoactive plants used in Indigenous people’s practices

·         Potential of psychedelic molecules to cure diseases

·         Psychedelics’ role in treating mental illness in the emerging post-pandemic world

The full speaker list and programming schedule can be found here.

A global event uniting the psychedelic community, World Psychedelics Day is proud to work with our wonderful partners.  We are delighted to have KATA – Ketamine Assisted Therapy Association as our presenting sponsor for this event.  As our Hosting Sponsor, we have Insight Global (Academy), along with Microdose, CFN Media Group, and Psychedelics Today as Media Partners.  Field Trip Health and Stream of Consciousness have also been hugely supportive in helping put together the event. Plus an array of supportive community partners.

“The Ketamine Assisted Therapy Association (KATA) of Canada is excited to support the first World Psychedelics Day! This unique event is bringing together some of the brightest minds in psychedelics to promote the highest standards around ethics, access, and quality of care. Rooted in values of community, inclusivity, transparency, accountability, and integrity, KATA Canada is a champion of the public interest in this rapidly growing field.” ~ Ketamine Assisted Therapy Association of Canada.

In addition to a full day of engaging conversations on fascinating topics, World Psychedelics Day will host public art projects, and present relevant documentaries. 

WPD welcomes collaborators and allies across all identities, ages, spectrums, and geographies, with a commitment to uphold its core values of sustainability, accessibility, diversity, and inclusivity.  The event will be hosted by WPD Spokesperson Kim Haxton and WPD Advisor and Spokesperson, Shannon Smadella. 

To register, please visit 

For more information please visit: For media inquiries, contact Russell Cafferty, Media Executive at [email protected] or 437-775-0785.

About World Psychedelics Day WPD 6·20

World Psychedelics Day 6·20, 2021 plants the seeds for an annual, global day of discussion and recognition to build awareness of, and respect for, the therapeutic and life-enhancing potential of synthetic psychedelics and traditional psychoactive plant medicines.

We envision a time when synthetic and naturally occurring psychedelic medicines are better understood, made safely and legally available, and are appreciated for all their beneficial, wondrous, and sacred uses.

World Psychedelics Day 6·20, 2021 is a project of the International Psychedelics Awareness Foundation, a Canadian non-profit organization of artists, journalists, university students, parents, and businesspeople.

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