Joint statement from SEIU Local 2 and Organic Earth Market regarding the resolution of matters before the Nova Scotia Labour Board

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia, Aug. 25, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — SEIU Local 2 and Organic Earth Market released the following statement on the resolution of outstanding issues in an Application for Certification and reciprocal Unfair Labour Practice Complaints recently filed by both the SEIU and the Organic Earth Market against each other with the Nova Scotia Labour Board:
We are pleased to announce that we have come together and collaboratively resolved all the outstanding issues to the satisfaction of everyone involved! We have worked together to make Organic Earth Market the first unionized grocery store in the HRM. While this is an important first step, SEIU Local 2 and Organic Earth Market are excited to work together over the long term and to bargain a fair collective agreement for the protection and benefit of Organic Earth Market’s workers, its customers, and the Halifax community at large, further solidifying Organic Earth Market’s status as an ethical alternative to large, corporate grocers in the HRM.   “We all look forward to working together with OEM to negotiate a collective agreement, and help it continue as a go-to spot in Halifax for anyone living a progressive, ethical, and healthy lifestyle.” – Alexandra MacDonald, employee“We’re happy to have resolved our disagreements and we’re truly excited to work collaboratively with Organic Earth to keep this a great place to work.” – Mani Kaur, employee“During this process Organic Earth Market’s employees have made a choice and we respect it. We now look forward to focusing on mutual goals, the primary one being creating an even better shopping experience for Organic Earth Market’s customers.” – Jamie Wentzell, Owner, O.E.M.About SEIU Local 2:SEIU Local 2 represents essential workers in Nova Scotia, Ontario, Alberta, New Brunswick and British Columbia. Local 2 is affiliated with other SEIU locals and councils across the country. We are proud members of the largest, fastest growing and most dynamic union in North America, with members in healthcare, the public sector and property services who believe in and fight for a world where all workers are valued and all people respected.About Organic Earth Market:At Organic Earth we take a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle. We believe in a complete approach to health; but one size does not fit all. Everyone has a lifestyle that suits their individual health and motivation. We work to make the options available to live a healthier life, whatever lifestyle you live. We think of life as a ‘Work-in-Progress’ and work to make things better every day, in our life, yours, and the community at large. Check out what we’ve got in our neighbourhood market!MEDIA CONTACT:Union contact: Dan Wilband, [email protected]
Organic Earth Market contact: Jamie Wentzell, [email protected]

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