Jones’ Auto Body


Established in 1967, Jones’ Auto Body has been specializing in collision and mechanical repairs for over 45 years. Jones’ Auto Body specializes in light to heavy collision repairs, front suspension repairs, computerized wheel alignments, air conditioning service, glass repair and replacement, and also offers a full detailing shop to keep vehicles in top condition.

Word of mouth goes a long way in a city like London, and over the years the shop has grown into a 25,000 square foot facility with 21 employees today, repairing some 1,700 cars annually, and clients’ relationships going back as far as the 1970s. The Canadian Business Journal spoke to the company’s second generation owner Jeff Jones about the developments in the auto repair industry.

The automotive industry continuously evolves, and requires highly sophisticated technology and training for repairs and maintenance. Jones’ Auto Body keeps on top of the industry by constantly maintaining high levels of technological advances. The company invested in tools and welders for repair of ultra-high strength steels. Jones pointed out that vehicles are becoming more technologically advanced with safety and accident avoidance. These new technologies add to the repair costs, therefore totaling more vehicles, and decreasing the repairs available for body shops and repair centres such as Jones’ Auto Body.

Insurance relationships are huge in the collision repair industry, and Jones’ Auto Body has created relationships with many insurance partners. “Our market is very saturated, with more shop capacity than available repairs, collision facilities need to stay on top of their game or risk losing their share of insurance referrals to the competition,” says Jones.

Besides keeping good relationships with the insurance companies, Jones’ Auto Body’s relationship with dealerships has grown. Acura, Chrysler, Kia, Honda, and Toyota are the key dealership partners with Jones’ Auto Body. CSN Collision and Glass network has also helped Jones’ Auto Body to increase the company prestige, and raise the awareness of the company service. “CSN Collision and Glass is a network of independent collision repair facilities currently made up of over 135 shops across Canada. The CSN network has helped us differentiate our business from the crowd, and as members we receive a better recognition from the insurance companies, as being one of the top performing auto body shops.”


Jones’ Auto Body goes to great lengths to ensure its prominent place in the automotive collision repair market in London. The company studied and applied many aspects of the ‘lean production concept’ in its facility; originally derived from the Toyota Production System, which focused on reduction of the original Toyota ‘seven wastes’ to improve overall customer value. ‘Lean’ has enabled Jones’ Auto Body to maximize efficiencies, empower its employees, and provide further value to its customers. “We studied this system with our paint manufacturer, AkzoNobel, one of the largest global paint and coatings company. Today we do a complete teardown on vehicles, and our estimates that we provide to the insurance companies are basically billable prior to the repair execution — our estimates are that accurate.”

Since its early beginnings, company values at Jones’ Auto Body have always focused heavily on service, quality and its employees. Jones is very proud of this history of commitment to quality, and he and his team of employees continuously strive to improve every aspect of the service. Independently surveyed, Jones Auto Body scored a 98.1 per cent on the Customer Satisfaction Index. Jones’ Auto Body has received CSN’s Customer Service Excellence Award and CSN’s Experience Award twice. In addition, an employee at Jones’ Auto Body was named Employee of the Year by the CSN Network. “I’m very proud of our employees and the quality repair and service experience we turn out to our valued customers.”  Recently Jones’ Auto Body has had the very proud distinction of being named the “Best of London 2012” by the local London community.


Being a part of the community, Jones’ Auto Shop supports local events such as Shriners and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund (JDRF). Jones’ Auto Body also participated in London Police Service’s A.T.R.I.P. (Auto Theft Reduction Initiatives Program), and Bait Car Program. London Police Service was the first in Canada to create and implement its Bait Car Program in 2004. The A.T.R.I.P. program aims to create a significant and sustainable reduction in the rate of automobile theft in the City of London; distributing educational information to the public, and providing information to the citizens visiting areas with high incidence of automobile theft.

With almost 50 years of success under its belt, Jones’ Auto Body proudly continues to be driven by its uncompromising commitment to customer service and quality repair.  They look forward to the future with promise and wish to thank the City of London and its surrounding area for their continued support.