Kamloops Indian Band

Action and Pride

The Kamloops Indian Band Development Corporation (KIBDC) is the corporate entity serving the Kamloops Indian Band (Tk’emlúps te Secwe’pemc), dedicated to developing long-term sustainability and growth opportunities for its community. Built on the pillars of self-sufficiency, economic independence, cultural awareness, and educational excellence, the Kamloops Indian Band is home to more than 1,350 members and a reserve that encompasses more than 33,000 acres of land. The Kamloops Indian Band is led by the effective governance of the KIBDC and Chief Shane Gottfriedson.

The KIBDC works to attract a variety of residential, industrial, commercial, and agricultural business initiatives and partnerships to the area that enhances the social and economic development opportunities for its members and creates a culturally healthy and financially strong community.

“We have had 35 years of success, which includes pursuing investments and partnerships, and looking at diversification as well as capitalizing on our opportunities,” Chief Gottfriedson told The Canadian Business Journal. “We haven’t been afraid to step outside of the box to be successful in business. Our goal is always to look at generating sustainable profits and to get a return on our investment, which is our land. We have had some challenges, but we have always been mindful of our bottom line, because the money we generate goes right back into our community and our social programs.”

In order for the community social and cultural programming to be well supported, the KIBDC must present attractive and sustainable business opportunities that promote economic development within its economic base. As such, the KIBDC lives by its mandate to build a financial legacy for its membership through diversified leasing developments.

“As a development corporation, our bread and butter has always been leasing; it is our strength as an organization,” Chief Gottfriedson detailed. “We are diversified in our business ventures where our latest mandate includes 500 acres of commercial/retail developments. Our partners are investing in our community, building their businesses to be profitable and sustainable. Our industrial park has more than 350 businesses that are a big part of our community. We offer a great location and one of the greatest marketability opportunities for people that want to come and invest, plus so many lifestyle features for those that want to live within our territory.”

Economic Opportunities

Given its diversified marketplace, from forestry, to mining, to natural resources development, the KIBDC is also looking to create more employment opportunities for the reserve. As a governing body, the KIBDC understands the importance of investing its community, such as upgrades to its water systems, wastewater collection, and roads and infrastructure network to further establish vast economic opportunities for its community.

“One of the biggest things is that we want to maintain our existing economic base while building partnerships and creating joint ventures. We are always managing our existing leasing and trying to do a better overall job of managing our properties,” Chief Gottfriedson explained. “We have a lot of members who own land and who are entrepreneurs. When we provide programming revenue, it sends a strong statement to our people that we care about their wellbeing, we want them to have a good education, and to live healthy. Our economic dollars provide a lot of cultural and social activities in our community.”

Home to a range of development opportunities and lifestyle amenities, Kamloops Indian Band presents an attractive setting for its long-term community membership as well as new investors. Looking toward the future, the KIBDC sees an array of prime projects and development opportunities that will continue to push forward both the development corporation and the community as a whole. Given its proven track record of success that dates back to 1977, the KIBDC sees itself on the forefront and as a leader in economic development in British Columbia and nationwide.

“We have so much potential and opportunity for joint ventures or partnership agreements for people to come here and lease property from us,” Chief Gottfriedson concluded. “When you invest within the Kamloops Indian Band, you get a partner that is open for business and that is truly looking at creating more economic opportunities for its people. Your company will have certainty, will grow and be prosperous, and will be sustainable, just like the KIBDC and all of our other businesses.”