Kasseler Whole Grain Breads

Feel Good About Your Bread

Kasseler Food Products Inc. brings European-style whole grain breads to the North American marketplace.

Drawing its know-how from the original bakery founded in 1903 in the city of Kassel, Germany, Kasseler Food Products Inc. began baking these whole grain breads in Toronto in 1978. Offering a selection of 17 whole grain bread varieties, including its signature Pumpernickel, Kasseler Food Products Inc. uses century-old recipes and wholesome ingredients in every loaf. High in nutritional value and containing absolutely zero preservatives, Kasseler Food Products Inc. has made its mark in the “clean label” bakery segment.

“In the early 1900’s in Germany, there was a large movement toward health food, much as there is today in the North American market,” Erich Lamshoeft, Vice-President of Kasseler Food Products Inc., told The Canadian Business Journal. “Using the know-how brought from overseas, a lot of our recipes have resonated well with the North American consumer.”

Baking Process

Using only high quality North American whole grains in its products, Kasseler Food Products Inc. is the expert when it comes to producing authentic, high fibre, great-tasting whole grain bread.

“It takes 48 hours for us to produce a loaf of whole grain bread,” Lamshoeft explained. “We use special procedures to carefully handle the bread from start to finish, and we use whole kernel and special sour dough. For certain breads, because of our special production method, we’re able to get up to six months of shelf life without using any chemicals or preservatives. That’s the proprietary knowledge that we have.”

By variety, the softer breads, made with a mixture of whole grain wheat and whole grain rye have a lesser shelf life of about three months, whereas heavier breads, chocked full of rye grain, have a longer shelf life of six months.

“Our breads have been taken along on expeditions to the Arctic and across the Atlantic Ocean, because they last a long time, they don’t need to be refrigerated, and they are high in nutrient value,” Lamshoeft added. “We’ve tweaked the recipes to accommodate things like stronger protein content and at the same time we make sure that we fine tune the taste to satisfy local needs.”

Nutrient Value

When it comes to nutrition, Kasseler Whole Grain Breads also score well on the Glycemic Index. Whereas typical white breads reach 85 on the Glycemic Index and other light rye reads in the mid-70s, Kasseler’s Pumpernickel scores a healthy 48. Customers are gravitating more toward healthy alternatives provided by bakers like Kasseler Foods. Available throughout many parts of Canada in a variety of supermarkets and independent food retailers, plus its recent entry into key American markets, particularly California, Kasseler Food Products Inc.’s ultimate objective is to offer breads that customers can feel good about.

“Our whole grain breads have appeal across a wide consumer base,” Lamshoeft commented. “People from all backgrounds enjoy the taste. We participated in the Good Food Festival where we sampled to over 15,000 consumers and they were all surprised by the very nice, full flavour taste of our product.

“Unlike caramel-coloured ryes available from other producers, we don’t use any chemicals in our baking process. We let nature do its own thing. We offer authentic Pumpernickel. It’s very dark and rich, like a dark chocolate, with a hint of bitterness, and it goes perfectly with smoked salmon, a nice camembert or other soft cheeses, or a nice prosciutto, so it’s a wonderful delicacy.”

Erich’s Extraordinary

In 2006, the company launched a separate label, Erich’s Extraordinary Whole Grain Bread, to offer an organic alternative to its hallmark recipes. Available in New York Style Pumpernickel as well as Golden Flaxseed, Erich’s Extraordinary Whole Grain Bread is full of wholesome ingredients, like organic whole grains and organic seeds, providing valuable nutrients like vitamin B6, omega-3s, and magnesium, while every slice provides an excellent source of fibre. The company claims its New York Style Pumpernickel is the healthiest bread available in North America. One glance of the Nutrition Facts panel on the packaging easily conveys its health story to the consumer.

“I’ve often been asked if I’m Erich. The late Erich Lamshoeft Sr., my father and the founder of the company, had been in the food business in Canada since 1958. He made it simple once we decided upon the name of Erich’s Extraordinary Whole Grain Bread. He said if the bread was a failure, I was Erich, and if the bread was a success, he was Erich,” Lamshoeft beamed. “The bread is named after him.”

After 35 years in business, Kasseler Food Products Inc. continues to tell the healthy living story, getting back to natural products and wholesome foods.

Constantly following a sustainable growth philosophy and always ensuring that it provide customers with the best products, the road ahead looks positive for Kasseler Food Products Inc.