Keill & Company Secured as Canadian Agency of Record for the Network of Giving

EDMONTON, ALBERTA, CANADA, Feb. 27, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Network of Giving has secured the services of Keill & Company Incorporated, headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, to support the launch of the Network of Giving as the agency of record for public relations across Canada.

The Network of Giving is a powerful hyper-local digital platform enabled by financial services, that fosters a community-minded movement through the connection of local consumers and merchants to community organizations – while creating efficiencies in digital fundraising. 

“The Network of Giving will connect communities and businesses together and we are excited to bring the platform to the Canadian market to help lift businesses and communities alike,” said Catherine Keill, CEO of Keill & Company Inc. “The Network of Giving is a purpose-driven digital commerce platform that makes advanced reporting available to small and medium-sized businesses and allows them to be at the core of community restoration and prosperity. We are thrilled to be included in this exceptional program!”

“The Network of Giving drives increased customer loyalty and sales with measured results while generating micro-donations directed to nonprofits, at no cost to the consumer. The Network of Giving’s DNA is founded on the core principles of service, accountability, and innovation to better the lives of those in the community,” said David Saalfrank, Chief Evangelist of the Network of Giving. “The Keill team understands our work deeply and is a mission-driven partner that will bring their heart to our work across the country maximizing the potential of the platform.”

About Keill & Company Inc.

Keill & Company Inc is a mission-driven communications and public relations agency headquartered in Edmonton with operations in Calgary. The Keill team supports clients across Canada to drive exciting ideas, excellent outcomes, and nothing else. With access to a network of high-calibre communications professionals, the Keill team is a one-stop shop for organizations looking to optimize communications activities in a crowded, increasingly digital, world. Our team of experts works with our client’s internal teams to amplify communications activities, define outcomes, refine efforts, maximize impact, and focus on success. Our goal is to provide clients with the tools and skills they need to be successful with their communications programs and then to get out of the way so clients can activate those programs. Our passion is helping client teams do their work better and achieve great results. To learn more about us, visit

About Network of Giving

The Network of Giving is committed to providing financial and social empowerment to drive positive change in communities and the world. The Network of Giving SaaS platform utilizes digital commerce and is enabled by financial institutions, connecting local consumers, merchants, and non-profit community organizations. This connection empowers consumers to shop at local businesses triggering micro-donations that impact their communities – at no cost to the consumer.

The Network of Giving platform is powered by SMB4.0. It delivers marketing guidance for local businesses to enhance customer acquisition and retention, while driving business decisions through key analytics and real-time actionable insights. More on Network of Giving:


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