Key Assets Canada Partners UK Based Cornerstone to Adopt VR Technology in Child and Family Services

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario, Oct. 14, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Key Assets Canada, a leading child and family services agency has adopted the world’s first VR experience designed for children’s services and education, founded by UK based Cornerstone Partnership. Key Assets Canada with presence in Ontario, Newfoundland and Labrador and Nova Scotia, is keen to implement Cornerstone’s VR program to support their ongoing recruitment and development of foster families and complement their ongoing efforts to further improve and enhance the lives of children in care.
This VR program uses 360-degree immersive films and virtual reality headsets, enabling the viewer to experience life from the perspective of a child. Its unique approach offers a way to understand the impact of attachment and trauma, through the eyes of a child.Kathryn Rock, CEO of Key Assets Canada, said: “We are very excited to be implementing Cornerstone’s VR and are in the early stages of training our staff to use the VR who will in turn educate foster carers. We have 12 trainers in Canada and in addition to using this as part of our recruitment and training of potential carers we will use the VR technology on a case by case basis, including to support youth within education settings. We have also considered using the VR with our clinicians and play therapists and look forward to the opportunities available to us when working with Cornerstone.”A number of community agencies and child welfare organizations across the UK are already using Cornerstone’s VR technology. Discovered at a conference in the UK, Key Assets Canada decided to bring this cutting-edge technology to Canada, making itself the first child and family services agency to start the trend of using VR technology in the promotion of family-based care. With this great initiative, Key Assets Canada is also able to set an example for other Key Assets entities providing quality care in family settings in 9 countries across the world.Alison Alexander, Cornerstone CEO, said of the partnership: “We are pleased to be able to begin this international partnership and are excited about our future working with the Key Assets Group. Walking in the footsteps of a child is the greatest gift we can give anyone. Experiencing their life, for however short a period, changes how we as adults see and respond to children and young people. Our VR technology does just that – takes you inside the world of the unborn child; the 18-month-old child; the toddler; the adolescent. Everyone who has experienced the programme is either moved in the moment or later when they are in a quiet moment and reflect. We are confident that our technology will not only have a positive impact on those already involved in caring for vulnerable children, but with thousands of children currently needing a safe home across the Canadian provinces.”———-For more information or to experience the headsets, please fix appointments with: [email protected] or call 905 279 4500 ext. 104.For media enquiries, please write to: [email protected]About Key Assets CanadaEstablished in 2009, Key Assets Canada works in collaboration with Government and Provincial Family and Children’s services organizations to offer quality care in a family setting for children and youth with complex needs. Working with more than 300 children and youth placements in Canada annually, Key Assets has its offices in Ontario, Newfoundland and Labrador and Nova Scotia. Being part of the Key Assets Group and having a presence in Europe, South East Asia, Australia and North America, Key Assets provides foster care to nearly 1100 children and youth in 10 countries around the world. All over the globe, Key Assets Group is committed to revolutionizing foster care and working together to change children’s lives. For more information, visit: Cornerstone PartnershipEstablished in 2015, Cornerstone Partnership are pioneers of the use of virtual reality as a tool for behaviour change in social care, having created the world’s first VR tool for use in adoption and fostering. They are part of the Antser Group who are known as leaders in innovation for children’s services. For more information, please visit: 

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